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  1. Congratulations on the “twins”. Question…(no time to Google right now) How long will they remain in the nest with mom?

      • That’s because she was like, “OMG, you two little chirren are getting too biiiig and makin’ me uncomfortable! Somebody should’a made a bigger nest! Oh. Dat would be me.” (FYI, I imagine her with the voice of Janessa.) 😉

        • I’m just seeing this some 25 hour slater . . . and you made me spit my coffee, little girl! I love “chirren”!!! In the beginning, I thought that nest looked kind of small for such a big bird and was hoping she didn’t hatch more than one or two babies!

    • She sat on them until they got this big! I kept waiting to see them, and I had no clue they would be this huge before she stopped sitting on top of them. I was utterly amazed when I realized I wasn’t looking at the mom anymore, but TWO young owls instead!

  2. Thought about them today looking a collection of stuffed animals at the lake. They have 4 great horned mounts. I been seeing a couple in flight at dusk too.

  3. Oh, they’re just wonderful! One of these days I’ll see one in real life, instead of just hearing them.

    I do have some bluejays that are coming to eat pecans, and the way they load up and fly off, I’m just sure they have babies somewhere. And I saw my first ducklings yesterday in a marina. Spring’s here! (Even though it’s coldish tonight – but we got 2″ of rain today. Everyone is giddy!)

    • Linda, I wish you were here because you can even see the mother sitting on a nearby branch in broad daylight! It’s pretty amazing! Bluejays are here, too. Happy about that rain for ya!

  4. I don’t know how much rain we have had this week but, it has been a lot. Got a flooded drive, part of the yard and under the house. But, I am not complaining at all. We can still use it and I heard that this summer may very well be a repeat of last summer.

    Did you find out how much longer the “The Whos” will be around?

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