Guess Who?

Two little Who Dats, dat’s who!

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  1. Congratulations on the “twins”. Question…(no time to Google right now) How long will they remain in the nest with mom?

    1. They ARE big. She sat on top of them for the longest time . . . and yesterday she was sitting off on a branch just watching over them. Not on TOP of them.

      1. That’s because she was like, “OMG, you two little chirren are getting too biiiig and makin’ me uncomfortable! Somebody should’a made a bigger nest! Oh. Dat would be me.” (FYI, I imagine her with the voice of Janessa.) 😉

        1. I’m just seeing this some 25 hour slater . . . and you made me spit my coffee, little girl! I love “chirren”!!! In the beginning, I thought that nest looked kind of small for such a big bird and was hoping she didn’t hatch more than one or two babies!

    1. I’m not loving all the “refuse” they leave on the ground . . . lots of feathers . . . from little birds the parents have fed them, I reckon!

    1. Well, looks like I missed about three weeks of growth by not being able to see them until now! I wonder if she teaches them how to fly at night???

    1. She sat on them until they got this big! I kept waiting to see them, and I had no clue they would be this huge before she stopped sitting on top of them. I was utterly amazed when I realized I wasn’t looking at the mom anymore, but TWO young owls instead!

    1. They are cute, but I need to do some homework to see if they are learning to fly at night because I never see them leave the nest in the day time.

  2. Thought about them today looking a collection of stuffed animals at the lake. They have 4 great horned mounts. I been seeing a couple in flight at dusk too.

  3. Oh, they’re just wonderful! One of these days I’ll see one in real life, instead of just hearing them.

    I do have some bluejays that are coming to eat pecans, and the way they load up and fly off, I’m just sure they have babies somewhere. And I saw my first ducklings yesterday in a marina. Spring’s here! (Even though it’s coldish tonight – but we got 2″ of rain today. Everyone is giddy!)

    1. Linda, I wish you were here because you can even see the mother sitting on a nearby branch in broad daylight! It’s pretty amazing! Bluejays are here, too. Happy about that rain for ya!

  4. I don’t know how much rain we have had this week but, it has been a lot. Got a flooded drive, part of the yard and under the house. But, I am not complaining at all. We can still use it and I heard that this summer may very well be a repeat of last summer.

    Did you find out how much longer the “The Whos” will be around?