Gun Laws and Gun Ownership

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So, I would like to hear from you before 8 a.m. Central Time Saturday morning.  Well, then I guess that means all you night owls OR early risers might see this and respond.

There is a lot of rhetoric going around in the news about gun laws, and all things having to do with gun ownership.

We will be discussing some of those things Saturday morning, so if you would please,  without looking any of these statements up on a Search Engine (like Google), read them and answer them just from your own current knowledge.

I am not invading your privacy by asking about gun ownership, because these votes are ANONYMOUS, and no one has any way of seeing who answered what.

So, please be honest in your answers, and thanks in advance for your help!

Feel free to leave comments with your opinion on anything you’ve heard in the news lately that bothers you about guns, gun ownership, bans, confiscations, etc. I’m all ears!


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  1. There’s a problem with the poll – I can only check one item. There’s more than one true statement. 😉

    I’ll wait to see if you can fix it up – if not, I’ll email answers. Now, I’ll think about your open-ended question.

  2. A few notes…

    The 2nd amendment isn’t meant to protect the rights of deer hunters. It’s meant to protect the rights of citizens against tyranny. When Paul Revere made his famous ride, the British were coming to disarm the colonists. You know – like, take their guns so they couldn’t fight back.

    If the government isn’t going to take seriously the need to protect its citizens, we need to be able to protect ourselves. Unless and until the federal government makes some moves to stop the trafficking of drugs and guns across the US/Mexican border, they’d better stop talking about taking away automatic and semi-automatic weapons. Rule of thumb: be at least as well armed as your attacker. Today, our attackers are better armed than several third world armies.

    One thing that really distresses me is the use of doctors to “screen” for gun owners. The proposal that my doctor should ask about my guns when I got in to have a checkup or deal with flu is absolutely beyond the pale. The doctor-patient relationship is supposed to be sacrosanct. I’ll not be telling any doctor whether I have a gun, any more than I’d tell him I have that stash of Snickers bars in the freezer.

    The areas of the US that have the strictest gun laws have the highest rates of gun violence. Chicago ended 2012 with 513 homicides, a 15 percent increase from 448 homicides in 2011.

    Responsible gun ownership has to be key. The mother of the shooter in Connecticut knew he had emotional/mental problems, worried about what she was going to do with him, warned people not to turn their backs on him, and then took him to the shooting range, and told him she wanted to have him institutionalized. Who knew something could go wrong?

    Well. I don’t like violence any more than anyone else. But it’s not the legal gun owners who are causing the problems. I happen to know someone who was in a gang at one time. I asked him what effect he thought the proposed gun bans would have. He just laughed. As he put it, “Ain’t nobody raising he!! on the streets now got a legal gun. They all stolen, man.”

    OK. Guess I ran on a little there. Oh, well. You know I’m a mouthy one. 😉

    1. Nowhere in my research did I come across the use of doctors to screen. I agree with you–that’s outrageous! You mention a detail that came up in our discussion: whether or not the mother knew the kid had problems. I didn’t come across that either—do you know where you read that information? And so right you are, it’s not the legal gun owners who are the problems, but that mom should have had those guns locked up if she knew he was unstable. THank you for running on, LOL!

      1. Here are just a couple of links, one about Adam Lanza’s instability and one about the role of doctors.

        Note Executive Order #16. This is really something. There IS a provision in Obamacare which PROHIBITS doctors from inquiring about guns in the home. It was inserted by none other than Harry Reid. Now, we have this statement that “the Affordable Care Act does NOT prohibit doctors asking their patients about guns in their homes.”

        In other words, President Obama just changed the law passed by Congress by executive order. I’m going to be watching this one closely, as several Senators and Congressmen have said that such overstepping of the boundary between the executive and legislative branches could be grounds for impeachment.

        1. While we’re on the topic of “executive orders”, something I read said that there is no mention of such a thing in the Constitution, but only the mention to “take care that laws be faithfully executed” in Article II, Section 1, Clause 1.

          Second thing I came across (and have not yet verified) is a statement that the current president has enacted fewer Executive Orders than previous presidents.

          And I do agree with the Senators and Congressmen who say that overstepping the boundaries between the Exec. and Legis. branches not only could be grounds for impeachment, but SHOULD BE, and I also say, “Go ahead and make my day!”

          The president cannot makes laws. He should take care to faithfully execute the laws as they are written, and there are already plenty of laws on the books about guns. With every new law in this country, no matter what it pertains to, we lose a little more freedom.

          Saving the rest for a full feature, LOL!

          1. Some executive orders are perfectly fine. The line comes when new law is made by executive order. That can’t be done, constitutionally. An example of Pres. Obama doing so was his change to U.S. immigration law. Also, he has made some “recess appointments” that are iffy. The President has the power to appoint people to positions if the Congress is in recess, but that is supposed to mean “at the end of a session”, not “back home for the weekend”. 😉

            1. Ok, no comment except I’ll hang with shoreacres and we need interment camps for those who do not feel safe in a free society.

  3. The problem with “gun control” now is that it’s already so OUT o’ control.

    Perhaps we should be looking at stricter AMMUNITION controls. Who gets what, how much and how often. Special licenses for hunters who can prove they hunt for food (for example). Criminals don’t hang about and pick up their casings to reload later…(but lose one on a Military or Law Enforcement range and yer in trouble!)

    In addition, perhaps all persons wishing to acquire/own firearms should be required to take – and pass – an instructional course (like Driver’s Ed.) and re-test occasionally. Ownership o’ higher powered or automatic weapons would require additional training. At least that way we could at least hope for more “responsible” owners. Sure, it’s like folk who get a driver’s license and are bad drivers, but at least they had to learn SOMETHING and probably started off OK.

    1. While you mention some things to consider, the legal gun owning folks I know would not agree to any kind of concession or compromise. NONE, and I think they have a point, too. We already have a “Hunter Education” course in Louisiana that is required before any child can go hunting, and certainly before he can get a hunting license at age 16. It’s a two-day course, and I took it with my sons.

      1. I’m not sure if it’s still done here in Ascension Parish, but my (adult) children took thier Hunters Safety Course at school. It was part of P.E. Naturally the shooting part wasn’t held at school. They were put on buses and brought to the private property belonging to a student’s parents. IF I remember correctly, the kids weren’t required to shoot. Mine did.
        We have a shooting area set up on our Ms. property. Hubby and I (children and grandchildren too) practice shooting everything from pellet guns to AK’s. At times it sounds like WW3 when we are all there.

      1. Eddie D. I think you misinterpreted the purpose of this poll. The questions do not reflect my opinion about the 2nd Amendment at all, only a way of testing just how much those who take the think about such things. I’ve never had anyone say I’m a scary person, so if you care to expound, you are most welcome to do so. If it’s just a flippant remark, then I’ll just delete it as such. Don’t worry, your house is safe from me. I believe firmly in the 2nd Amendment right, so I’m really not sure what you’re referring to.

        1. Sorry my mistake, it came out wrong. I apologize to you and the Captain. I only meant the first part, the right to keep and bear arms. You and the Captain are not scary people.

          1. Hi Eddie. No problem, but Capt. Swallow is a reader here just like you, so his opinions would be very independent of mine. Also, he lives in Canada!!!!! (Although he visits down the bayou as often as he can!).

  4. Ok, I wasn’t too sure about the poll, no one except those with a federal firearms license, military, or law enforcement can legally possess or operate automatic weapons.

    Citizens can not posess automatic weapons. National Firearms Act back from Bonnie and Clydes day when the government men couldn’t carry weapons and the crooks all had Thompsons and BARs.

    1. I’m sorry, Foamheart. I wasn’t trying to trick you, I failed to use the correct terms – I meant semi-automatic. Hey, it was late, Friday night, and I was very tired. So, if you didn’t vote, you can go back and do so more clearly now. I wanted to write an entire article, but I might do that now using all the opinions of my oh-so-well-versed readership!!!!! Yawn!

  5. I do not believe that decreasing the ability to own or bear arms will reduce their use in crimes including but not limited to homicide. I do not know this, but I seem to remember reading long ago that when England banned personal firearms that armed crimes did NOT diminish. People wanting a firearm will always be able to get one long after a legal citizen can no longer procure them for their selves.

    Common sense has to prevail. The more people there is in the country the more crazies are going to show up. Its statistics.

    I am on the fence about the new weapons laws. I really see no point in having a 30/50 round clip for a semi-auto rifle or shotgun other than zombie protection. I see no need for a bayonet but a flash arrestor/diverter is nice. I do not see the need for a shotgun plug. If all are chambered for 5 shells why can I not load it, why have they not changed the tube to only handle 3? It’s like why do you get more hotdogs in a pack than you get hotdog buns in a pack.

    It all revolves around what the 2nd amendment actually means. The USSC can not maintain a constant decission upon its interpretation, “To keep and bear arms”, is it for personal protection, or is it as a ready militia to be called upon by the state? It’s an interpretation call. I believe that the 2nd amendment states that I personally can if worthy, control my own destiny. I can have weapons as long as I am a good citizen, obey the rules, and meet all the standards to own and/or operate a firearm safely.

    Do I need a flash arrestor/bayonet/banana clip? No, do I have them, yes. Should I be able to keep them, why shouldn’t I? Besides when is the last time you heard of anyone being bayoneted? I don’t know why the Pres doesn’t like flash arresters, it’s already illegal to own a suppressor. AND one of my shotguns has a pistol grip.

    Here’s my suggestion, no weapons should be singled out. No book should be censored. But all semi-auto weapons should have a standard 5 round clip. If you want a 20/30/50 they could require special registration for the magazines, not the gun. For the big clips you will need a renewalable required license to carry. If you lose your drivers license you lose your clip license, if you get caught poaching, you lose your license, if you are involved in a hunting accident you lose your license, if you are busted for DWI or Drugs you lose your license. Three speeding tickets you lose your license. Ok, See where I am going? It’s all about governmental computer information swapping. It is no big deal.

    Make the license expensive like concealed carry. Put the enforcement upon the shoulders of ATF&E. Using the new income to finance the new service, I mean ultimately that is their job anyway correct?

    You want the fear of multi-shot semi-auto weapons to go away?

    Doing away with the legal ability to own them will not deter anyone. Trying to police those with the ability to illegally own them is the only righteous way. You get caught with an unlicensed clip; you lose your driver’s license. Instead of punishing those of us who do things legally, lets punish those that are not. A drivers license doesn’t seem like much, but think about what you could and couldn’t do without one. Or take away your government benefits. The US just wants to jail people, I say remove privileges.

    It’s my right according to the constitution to bear arms, it’s my privilege to drive a vehicle, collect unemployment, receive food stamps, etc. Take away their privileges when they mess up. Make a high volume clip a privilege!

    1. And oh by the way, I have been shot, nearly lost my right arm, I did lose a college roomate. Randy was killed in N.O. at Mardi Gras for 6 dollars and change.

      I take firearms responsibility very seriously. I was trained as a kid, I was taught in the service, I respect the abilities of any weapon, but more so the abilities or inabilities of those weilding them.

  6. The area where I live has turned into a rough area over the past 15 years. I have a bullet hole in the porch to prove it! It was fired, according the police, by a member of a gang who lived 4 houses from me. Have and will I use my weapon to protect my family and home? YES and I have. Ever have someone try to break your door down in the middle of the night? The sound of a shell being loaded into the chamber will back the smart ones off and did. When the neighbors dogs jumped thru the window and bit me when I walked outside, the police told my husband to feel free to sit outside with a loaded gun when I walked our dog out in the evenings so I would be protected. When teens set a fire on our front lawn, I went after them armed. They were arrested and fined.
    We live 3 blocks from the police station and their response time is 15 min to over 2 hours. So yes, I own and use a gun. I was taught to use one when I was seven or eight. We had to hunt to eat. I haven’t been hunting in a long time but, the gun stays with me. Bans will not keep them off the streets or out of the hands of those who really want to use them. I am a firm believer in the saying: “Guns do not kill people. People kill people”. As long as there are people who wish to rule others, obtain what they want without working for it, want to buy drugs or participate in other illegal doings, they will obtain guns. Even high security will not stop them.

    1. I don’t have time to leave everyone the long comment I would like, so just let me say, all good points and thanks for sharing your true life stories with us! Good stuff, lady!

  7. I don’t personally own a gun, but in my household there are a lot of guns…all secured in a gun safe…protected from little ones and theft. A collection of old and new ones…used to hunt and practice shooting at the range and some just as collectors items…antiques. I don’t have anything against anyone that legally obtains a gun from owning one and believe every law-abiding citizen should have one if desired. I strongly believe in the 2nd amendment.

    All that being said, I really do not like guns. But, there is a reason for that. I had a gun put to my head while holding my three-month old baby. The person that did that was drunk, in an altered state of mind. I was fortunate he did not pull the trigger. That was 31 years ago. And I still remember every detail down to the temperature of the air. You don’t forget events like that…ever!

    Traumatic events involving guns usually is committed by someone in an altered state of mind leaving behind victims or their loved ones to suffer the consequences of their actions.

    Mental state of mind… Just what is that? Who decides who is mentally challenged and at what point do you or a doctor step in to say that person needs to be institutionalized? Our leaders and mental doctors need to step up to the plate and devise a plan of action to address the mental health issues in this country. The State and Federal government needs to provide assistance, hospitalization or counseling for those that are in need of it. Those “mental” cases should be reported by anyone that suspects someone having serious mental issues, including parents, siblings or their doctors! Just like child abuse of any sort is reported by medical doctors, so should mental cases be reported to a special agency which follows up on those cases and make sure society as a whole is protected from those individuals. No one knows when or if someone with mental issues will explode or go on a rampage. No one can predict such actions by someone. But, we can evaluate them and learn from them and their actions so we could better help those individuals in the future. Now is not the time to cut funding for mental health. A plan of action is needed NOW!

    Guns do not kill people. Bullets do not kill people. People kill people!

  8. Ever notice that you never hear about home invasions out in the country or even small towns but it’s always in the citys?Gun ownership is the reason for that.

    My one idea is to draft every body for two years of military service straight out of high school,male and female,there are jobs in the military even for a lot of handicapped people. We can then train them in the proper use of guns and the military can weed out the ones that can never be allowed to own one.

    This would also solve the healthcare problems as then everybody could use the VA and the Federal government could funnel the heathcare money to the VA.

  9. Guns are not the problem. Mental health is a large part of the proble.

    Only honest citizens will obey any gun legislation. That leaves the bad guys better armed! not good.

    Hitler had everyone register their guns before he went and picked ’em up.

    An unarmed populace is at the mercy of tyranny.

    Out of my cold dead hand!

    1. To me, there are so many issues tied up in this one threatened amendment. There are hunters, home protectors, gang members, common armed criminals and robbers, law enforcement, military—so many facets of gun possession and usage. They each approach this issue from a different angle. And then there are the mentally deranged who sneak up on everyone and WHAM! Another issue.

  10. Hey Choup – your comment went on the poll, not on here. I meant to say semi-automatic. Sorry about that and thanks for clearing that up. I shouldn’t try to make my brain work past 9:30 at night, LOL!

    1. It wasn’t the best show, by far, and even though I have sons who hunt, I’m not a gun expert. That doesn’t change my stand on certain issues at stake here, but it sure makes me sound like a big dummie on the air. But I’m not going to pretend to be an expert when I’m not, and I hope others listening to the show who don’t know an automatic from a semi-automatic felt better about that after I admitted not knowing that until my sister taught me and I read more about types of weapons before the show. And one of the co-hosts sort of made fun of me during the break, although he didn’t know I could hear him, but since I’ve no desire to protect myself with an M-16 or an AR-15, why in the world would I know the difference? Someone who doesn’t fish wouldn’t know the difference between a bait caster, a spinning reel, and a coffee grinder. And before I step down off my defensive soap box, there are three things I can’t tolerate in a man, ANY MAN: Rudeness, arrogance, and sexism. (And that’s NOT directed at you, Raoul!)

  11. Just listened to the show. I’ll comment later. Got to finish ironing before some of the kids and grandkids get here.

    1. IRONING? Who irons? This was a tough show for me because I totally believe in our right to bear arms and that no president should take that away from us, but still got a little intimidated and could only bring it back down to my own little world.

      1. What can I say, I’m a real old fashion girl…Actually it just got too expensive to have Hubby’s work clothing (shirts and Sport coats) sent to the cleaners.
        About guns…I’m old fashion in my ideas about that too. I stand with the way our gun law (2nd Amendment) was written over 200 years ago!

        1. I stand behind the 2nd amendment, too, even if I didn’t know the difference between automatic and semi-automatic before I studied for this topic. Doesn’t mean I’m an idiot, it just means I never had a use for an M-16 or AR-15. I have a great respect for families like yours who shoot together, LOL!!! I wasn’t about to say on air how many guns and what type we might we have in this house, know what I mean? In La. we’re still under the radar since we’re not required to register our guns. I was a little put off by the background check at the sporting box store, but hey, if that would keep someone not eligible for gun ownership from buying one, then so be it. It’s already in place. Let’s just not add all kinds of laws to the second amendment.


  13. BW, I am sorry you got caught “short” in your opinion in this interview,anytime you need to talk feel free to give me a call,not sure if you have my # but you can email me and get it at your convienace.

  14. I think we are still safe. Why? When a farm supply store in podunkville Illinois can sell a a tractor trailer full of ammo in 8 hours
    things are being managed.

    Remember those pre-Namm ads about sleeping well tonight cause the National Guard was awake?

  15. The one thing most people don’t understand is the 2nd amendment is also the ONLY thing that protects the 1st amendment,our forefathers put the “shall not be infringed” so that it could not be watered down and picked apart over years by law makers in the future untill one day we wake up as a nation and find we no longer have a bill of rights.

  16. The Second Amendment helps to insure the American citizen will always stay free from the Tyranny of Government and of Tyrants. If you have not noticed that every time there is a shooting spree, they want to take the guns away from those of us who didn’t do it, so maybe the populace as a whole needs to wake up. And a semi-automatic gun is just that, it is a semi-automatic, not an assault weapon, no matter what it looks like. My Remington 1100 shotgun is a semi-automatic, just like an AR-15, it is not a machine gun.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Eddie, and the good points you make. The new semi-automatic shotgun we purchased last year for duck hunting is certainly not a machine gun or an AR15. Welcome to the bayou, and I hope you visit often! BW

  17. Discretion and sensitivity and diversity training keep me from replying on the zombie issue. The guy at the counter said we have the zombie version. I replied with what I thought was a real threat. Then he uttered that certain graphic 4 letter word and spun away.

  18. I thought maybe it was the Versa pink Zombie. It would go really well with the Hello Kity AR-15 mod. Just make a tres chic fashion statement on the battle field. Or duck and wabbit hunting. Be the first guy at the camp with the pair……………….

  19. This is the most amazing weather I can ever remember in January in Louisiana. Its not this nice in Virgin Islands. The down side, the bugs are gonna be killer this year with no cold weather to slow ’em down.

    I keep waiting for the weather to return to its norm with a vengence. I have cut the grass three times so far this month and it needs it again. I bet the golf courses are getting rich! If it weren’t for the mosquitos I’d string a hammock on the back porch.

    1. Foam, I was sitting outside yesterday afternoon making some crab nets and right at dark the mozies tried to carry me off. Gonna be a bad year for the little vampires.

  20. Fishing …

    I know public school. I went to them they just need to shutter them all. Too expensive to run and taxes are killing us.

  21. I don’t know if anyone revisits these old discussions but since this post I have been actively looking at shootings in the country and so far I don’t see many where the shooter used a legal gun. I wish we could see in the police reports how many were legally licenced which were used. I watch and most are people being treated for depression, just out of jail, being treated for neurological problems, using doctors drugs for mental disorders, etc etc etc…….

    Lets take their gun priviledges away!

    So far I have not noted one single mentally normal person who used a legally licenced firearm, let alone an asault rifle in a murder.

    1. Some people stumble across these older posts while doing searches for information, so it pays to revisit them and add more current comments if they apply. So thanks for sharing your research with us, and it just confirms some of the things we’ve been saying. Thanks!

  22. well here’s the story. The basic black was 990 no rebate. OK with that. Camo and dressed black were more like 1300 with $100 rebate. OK with that. Everything I ever read said versa’s come with 4 choke tubes. Different ones for waterfowl vs turkey. OK with that.

    Now I get gun home and find out this gun has one choke tube. IC.
    Who shoots IC ? skeet guys? So buy the time I track down a couple choke tubes for it. Versa uses different threads or something. At $50 a pop I could of gotten the dressed up black.

    Oh and I live in Illinois so a return for swap is a butt load of paperwork that gets you on a suspect list….

    1. Ohhhhh, sorry to hear that. When we bought a shotgun last year, the gut at big box store opened it up, put it together, let us hold it AND he showed us all the choke tubes. And now, do you think Termite can find all those choke tubes????? Nope. He surely can’t. Just less you have to keep up with 🙂