Happy Holidays from Community Coffee! — 12 Comments

  1. I’ve added it as my FB status too. I have a bunch of friends in the Shreveport area of the state so I’m hoping they take advantage of the great deal. Also hoping they send me some but that’s just a subtle hint, lol.

  2. I love shopping from the comfort of my own home! Especially since I know the products quality! I sent coffee last year to a couple in Pa. They come to Grand Isle twice a yr. staying a couple months each visit. They stock up on Community Dark Roast before heading north.

  3. I have several friends and family in the services overseas, they will be getting coffee for Christmas. What an amazing program they have going with the match bag program.

  4. I noticed today that someone had donated several bags of Community Coffee to the food bank where I volunteer. About a dozen happy clients left with a big bag of coffee.
    That is a great progam on the match a bag.

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