Happy Mother's Day and a Contest Later!

After you’ve visited with spouses, children, and grandchildren, and eaten way too much strawberry shortcake or dewberry cobbler, and after you’ve watched loved ones clean up the kitchen (that would be a great gift, huh?), and after you’ve had your Sunday afternoon nap, come back here and let’s see if we can stir up a little contest! The prize is gender specific, but you guys can give the prize away if you win it! So, see ya later!

Miah made me this lovely heart with hooks on it at school. Maybe I’ll never misplace my keys again!

Seth picked out this gorgeous bird bath or feeder. He suggested I use it inside, just in case it was too nice to use outside! It is beautiful!


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  1. Well, I have waited with anticipation all afternoon!! LOL what did you get for mothers day? somthing good I hope. 🙂

    Heidi, we had some wedding things to make and print on my computer, so I was a little tied up! then I had to wait until the kids left! So, here it is! My kids gave me some thoughtful things!

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