Happy New Year & A Contest Winner!

Does anyone remember the “Share a Christmas Story Contest“?

Five of you shared stories of Christmas Past – Blufloyd, Granny Sue, Mrs. Coach, Steffi, and Vance.

These names went into a hat and out came a winner:

Mrs. Coach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations!  Now all you have to do, Mrs. Coach, is pick almost any photo from this blog or email me about something you might like to see.  I will email you several samples, you pick one, and then I will have it printed at your nearest Walgreen’s or other store that has online photo service.

Happy New Year Everyone!


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  1. Congratulations, Mrs. Coach! be sure to let us know which print you choose! I think that alone would prove to be a gigantic task — BW has so many wonderful ones, how in the world to reduce to just one?! 🙂

    And I loved your story, Mrs. Coach!