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  1. I’m absolutely NO help. I know how to turn mine on and off, email and put something on Favorites. In fact, if I don’t put something on Favorites, I usually can’t “find” it again!

  2. What a nice bit of news – that you have a wetland tour this morning!

    Now, here are two very important words for you.
    (1) FREE (2) EASY

    I use a program called Picnik for most of my photo processing these days. I do pay the $24.95 for the “pro” version (boy, is that a laugh) but you can do very well without it. All of the basics are included for free.

    You can find it here: Picnik

    Best of all, there is nothing to download. Everything is done online. You upload your pics to your computer, and then on to Picnik. You can do the same editing you’d do with photoshop, and then save the photo back to your computer. BUT Picnik keeps an online library of your originals and changes for you.

    • YES! Picnik is awesome. I use the free version on Facebook, and may eventually buy the full version… they have retouching tools (like teeth whitening and wrinkle reduction!) that I love playing with!

      • So I guess this means no one wants me to find my trusty old software? LOL! You know how much I hate change now that I’m a crone. Thanks, and you can update me later. I think we should go to the movies this afternoon. I actually got a “tip” today!!!!!

  3. A great free photo editor with loads of functions & filters from our Man Irfan Skiljan – IrfanView
    Be sure to download and install the program AND the plugin pack – it will open ANY file format (even RAW/DNG files), adjust, crop, rotate, brush & clone functions…and bulk functions for entire folders of photos!

    Ye might also look at Paint .NET for more in depth stuff like layering, etc. – also free

  4. I love Picnik also. I have Picasa but, I have never been able to resize a photo or properly remove red eye with it.

    How was the tour? Glad you were out and about for a while today.

  5. You know, you could just post the photos as they are. I for one am not photo savy and would never know the difference. Although I do love your finished photos, I’m sure they are great to begin with and don’t really need that much tweeking.

  6. I really hope my own 12 year old son doesn’t see your blog or he will be requesting a summer with “Aunt Wendy”! LOL

  7. Termite was a handsome fella even back then! I’m with you on learning new stuff–I hate it.Used to be i’d jump right on it but now I squall like a teenager with algebra homework when someone says we’re “upgrading.”

  8. You probably can find the software drivers on the Internet. Go tothe site of whichever brand it is and try that.

  9. The only frogs I’ll catch is if someone throws me one from the frozen food section of the grocery. I don’t like going out in the boat at night. Now to tease your taste buds, tonight’s menu consist of FRESH PICKED Green Beans w/new potatoes, smothered squash, sliced cucumbers and roasted Cornish Hens.

      • Chili-pepper sauce would only hide the wonderful, mouth watering flavors! My veggies stand on their own. They didn’t need anything but a fork and a plate!

  10. Steffi, that sounds good! I have some fresh yellow squash, zucchini & cucumbers in the fridge from the garden. And a bowl filled with fresh picked cherry tomatos, jalepenos and the large plums from there also. There won’t be any tomatos left if I keep walking thru there. I grab one or two each trip.
    Think I will grill some of those squash. I love it when the fresh produce is ready to pick.

  11. I don’t post here usually but it is great to read and to know that life is going on in Louisana. I have seen so many heart breaking pictures on tv and internet. Thank you BW for posting the pictures and uplifting comments on your blog. The bird pictures a few posting ago were and are beautiful.

    As for reality it hurts to know that you and yours are suffering another tragedy, Keep looking for the positive and enjoying each day as it comes.

    • I’ve seen your email address here before, so welcome back to the bayou and I am so glad you took time to leave a comment. Your words are a soothing balm to my restless soul right now. Every kind word really does help, and I know you and many others feel that way. I appreciate the compliments about the bird photos. Those birds are so beautiful, and I love watching them as often as I can. I will continue to look for the positivie, while balancing the negative. BW

    • Hey, Marcy! Yes, he’s fourteen and every bit the sulky teenager at times. Other times, he’s like the happy-go-lucky ten-year-old, which is very, very refreshing!

  12. Came back and really enjoyed the boy and frog – I don’t believe they were here when I first cruised through.

    Never have gigged a frog, but I was invited to go gig flounder once. I was city and the ones who invited me were country, and they set me off on a trip – whooeeee!

    Ever heard of a flounder decoy? Uh-huh. I’ll tell the story one of these days. 😉

    • Our frogging trip was a lot of muddy, buggy, spooky froggy fun, but I don’t have any pics, so I’m not sure anyone would want to read about it!!!! And we did the puzzle at a family gathering at the camp Saturday. You might have started something new in our family, Linda! THanks again for the fantastic box of goodies!!!

  13. I’m a teacher and have used your pictures to help show my students what Louisiana is supposed to look like (we’re in Boston). I’ve never written in before, but just want to wish you well and say thank you!

    • Karen, thanks for caring enough to share the beauty of this area of the great US of A with your students. You are very welcome for the images, and thanks for telling me that you are using them. In the future, please let me know which ones you are copying and how they are being used, as they are not public domain. I mention that in a couple places here on the blog, but I’m sure you weren’t aware. I don’t put my name across the images, because it ruins the way they look, but I trust that most folks are using them for good and education, not selling them, and giving me photo credit. I own them all unless otherwise indicated. So, keep up the good work and keep in touch, okay? I’ve been to Boston once, and it was a memorable trip! BW

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