HELP! The internet is STILL sick!

UPDATE: I don’t know how long this connection will last, but the problem lies in the main cable, not within my house or modem. So, I’m waiting impatiently for Charter to take care of the major problem. I’m hoping the ability to get online is an indication that things are fixed. I apologize for not being here.

Thanks, everyone, for coming to visit and leaving little comments. Hopefully, a full-fledged post will be forthcoming—-right after I check my bank account, pay bills, check emails, etc.


Before I lose this internet connection, I need to tell you that my internet service has been “spotty” at best since Friday morning. I have jumped through all the cable internet automated trouble shooting hoops and now I’m just tired. The technician is coming Monday, so until then my apologizes for letting the photo contest linger. I am extending the deadline . . . so that new visitors will have a reason to return! And not be totally bored because I’m so lazy that I haven’t posted anything new in 2 days! OK, until then!


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  1. I have Charter too. My connection is sporatic at best. I have a connection for about 2 minutes then off for 30 minutes. It goes up and down constantly. Charter says it’s my router not them. AOL is doing wierd things too. I can access Internet Explorer but not AOL. They each blame the other.

    So I’ll excuse you if you will excuse me for not replying to any of your sites.