Hodge Podge: Antique Cars

The people have spoken (all 3 of you) and your wish is my command.  I can’t believe the depth of readership I have and full of surprises, they are, too.

I thought they would go for wildflowers, or ducks, or mating bees, or fresh strawberry harvest, but NO, they went for ANTIQUE CARS!  Who would have guessed?

It was a beautiful, spring Saturday afternoon.  There I was sitting in the truck, waiting for Dotter to hop in so we could leave for furniture shopping in New Orleans.  Off in the distance, I saw what looked like very shiny old cars coming toward us.  I squinted into the glossy blindness cast off by the shine.

Yes, it IS antique cars. Quick!  Grab the camera!

I was so mesmerized by their beauty and the wonder of what they were doing on that little side street, that before i knew it, they were right beside me.

I totally missed the lead car.  Here is the second car . . . and look at that lovely couple in the back seat!!

It’s a wedding recessional (or is that processional?)  . . from the cathedral to the reception hall!

Oh my goodness!  I REALLY like this one.  Somebody, quick!  Tell me what it is!

And this fabulous-looking Chevy.  Who knows what it is?  And look at that Icon on the grill.  How cool is that?

And of course there has to be a Caddy–we all know that goes without saying.  My kids call this a Cruella Deville car.

You saw the GTO, and this guy kept me from getting a broad-side view of it.  He almost took out my side mirror, my camera, and me!

Bringing up the rear was this red lovely.  Who will wow us with their antique car nomenclature on this one?

Right place.  Right time.  Isn’t life grand?

Waiting on my sheetrock guy to come fix his boo boos,


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  1. Life is definitely grand! What a fun little parade you got to see and photograph. I’m no good at car names but I sure do like looking at nice photos of them 🙂 I think the last one is my favorite.

    Just finished my taxes…you, too?

  2. Those are nice! What a neat way to travel to a wedding. We were in my brother in laws ’57 T-bird. Our GTO was in the shop getting a new transmission.
    Looked like a ’55 or ’56 Chevy (blk & white), a nice blue ’57 Chevy, an early ’60s model Caddy, ’56 Ford Galaxy or Fairlane w/the bride, about a ’64- ’66 Camaro SS and the last one is possibly a Pontiac Catalina, early ’60s. Or else an early ’60s Mercury.
    Those are some nice rides. So is the motorcycle. Sure miss mine.

    1. Well, way to go Cammy! You didn’t give Steffi a chance to name those cars, or Mrs. Coach! Just picking at you! I miss my motorcycle, too. I want a 1969 Camaro, just in case anybody wanted to know!

      1. I would have commented last night, but it was too late. I spent half of today preparing food and decorating for a TEA! Yep, can you believe it…me helping give a Tea!

  3. What a cool way to travel for a wedding. Better than a limo in my opinion. I could only name the Camaro 🙂

      1. I hate it when they do that. Are you going to have to file for an extension? I got mine done and over with in January. Then, I helped the kids. Sometimes, being an ex-CPA comes in handy.

  4. Top to bottom:
    ’56 & ’57 Chevy
    ’56 Ford Crown Vic
    Bride & Groom (not sure of the vintage)
    ’68 Camero SS
    ’57 Chevy
    ’67 De Ville
    ’63 Pontiac Parisenne

    I did love the muscles cars, but my Dad and I restored a ’31 Ford Touring car to original. A few friends and family have been chauffered to and from the church in it. But really take a limo, its embarrassing getting stuck on the side of the road, or losing the head or tail lights at night, or the wipers in the rain, etc etc etc…. Their is a reason they are considered fixer-uppers or antiques.

    Besides they ain’t Air Conditioned!

  5. Hubby REALLY liked this post.
    Newly wed car is a ‘ 57 Ford
    ’67-69 Camero (can’t tell exact year without seeing front end)
    “57 Chevy Belaire (Mom and Dad had one… sold the family car in “65 for $200)
    ’67 Cadillac De Ville (Hubby’s family had one w/power everything, even “Climate controlled air conditioning”) When he saw the Caddy, he said ” I’ll be d%@#ed. There’s Daddy’s car, same color too”.
    ’61 Pontiac
    Our oldest son and daughter-in-law also had Classic cars for their wedding. Their son (8yrs. old) is looking forward to driving the ’69 Chevelle parked in our barn.

  6. We, or the kids have had all of the cars except the caddy. We had a Pontiac Catalina rag top that was really a “rag” top. LOL!! It rained, I held the open umbrella over us with the baby’s car seat between us.
    My husband and son are restoring a ’49 Ford Pickup. Or at least they say they are. They have been “restoring” it since the late ’80s. The rear fenders are on it and a motor and transmission are now in it. Rest of the 1000 or so parts are all over the garage!!

  7. Yep, the orange one is a late 60’s camaro. I’ve had two of them and sold the last one to buy an engagement ring and pay for a honeymoon a few years ago. They are fetching $30 to $60 K nowdays. I think I sold mine for $1800 🙁

  8. I might be twisted but I always liked hi tech new cars better than old heavy clunkers. I guess those old hi compression 289 fords were my fave if asked.

    Or anything with a flathead. 50 mercury’s I know a banker with about 20 of those.

  9. Cool cars bring back memories from long ago. This is a test because since yesterday I have not been able to send out email. Thought I would tryo communication through your website. Take care and keep on posting!

  10. How can those be antiques? They were introduced during my early adult years!!

    (of course, my age now starts with a 7.)

    1. I just don’t look like Marisa Tomei in a body suit but a week in the country with her, I could do that.

      But I missed big time on that Pontiac. Steffi is spot on.

      My first for real car was a 67 Fairlane GT. Springtime yellow, I replaced more clutches than tires! And yes, it had an under-dash mounted 8-track and no A/C

      BTW Pop tells everyone that the 31 ford touring car was the first LTD. LOL