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Holiday Baking

If you recall, I previously posted the recipe for Gingerbread Bayou People!  This year, I only baked Bayou Boys!  My 21-year-old son asked for a tin of these as a gift.  That’s easy enough!

Gingerbread Bayou Boys

And please don’t be offended that they are all naked this year.  I forgot to buy their clothing!

Sweet Potato Pies

These are the famous sweet potato pies that I only bake once a year.  That’s because I learned the recipe from my Houma Indian in-laws, and they use no measurements.  It was a very hands on experience, and the “recipe” makes about 10 pies!!!

Ten pies gets to be a back-breaking chore when you have lots of other things to do the same day.  So, I did my best to reduce the recipe, and I came out with two pies and two turnovers. We’ll see how they taste tonight.  One of the pies is for my 23-year-old son–that’s what he asked for as his gift.

Sugar Cutout Cookies

And the younger boys made the sugar cookies.  Again, I forgot to get colored sugar or food coloring, and red was all we had.  Sorry, no green this year!

That’s my holiday baking for this year folks.  Now all I have to do is make all the finger foods for tonight’s family get together at the newly-rented home of our two oldest sons.  That should be interesting!!!

Here’s wishing you some peace and quiet . . . .

Sleeping dogs lie

That’s what they did while I baked!  It really is a dog’s life, is it not?

Happy Holidays from down the bayou, cher!


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  1. Been there! Go to the kids house, BUT, still have to bring most of the food. I’d rather they come here and have the mess than haul 1/2 my kitchen to theirs! There’s an added bonus having it here too……. I don’t have to hear Hubby complain . LOL


    1. Steffi – It turned out fine!!! It was not the kind of party we would have had at my house, but a great time was had by all. My son outdid himself with fried crab claw appetizers and some awesome shrimp dip, and a wide variety of beverages! He had a tree beautifully decorated by him and his baby brother. And all his gifts were wrapped in aluminum foil with the dull side showing!! Hope your Christmas was as fulfilling as ours!

  2. No cookies here but 8 lb turkey in oven (they weigh 6 just hatched, no?) and couple sweet tators ala Choupiquer. Olive oil outside, cracked pepper, pinch rosemary wrap in foil. Chucked them in with bird. Wild rice pilaf too.

    I am going to waste, anybody want to adopt me?????

    1. Would adopt you but have enough sons of my own, thanks anyway! However, you could live in the shed and cook for us if you would like!!! I’ll have to try those ST ala Ch’r! Give River a holiday scratch behind the ear from me , will ya?

  3. Merry Christmas, BW, and thanks for sharing the marathon baking photos! It will be fun to see the pictures from your family’s gathering at the guys’ place, too.

    Hope your CHRISTmas Day is fun, memorable, and reflective of the incredible mercy and grace from the Father towards us!

    I love you – Merry Christmas to you all from all of us!!! xxx

    1. I love you, too, Vance! I hope things are going well with the newly weds and that the new year brings great blessing of great joy! About photos from last night? Hmmmm. It was kinda wild—I’ll have to think about it!! Happy New Year to you and yours!