Holiday reading coming soon!

Ok, I notice that my raccoon stories are so far back, no one is reading them. We are a lazy bunch, aren’t we?

Since we usually end up with about 14 days off school, etc. for the holidays, I plan to introduce these stories, one each day for 14 days.

Actually, I’d like you to call your children to the computer and read each installment to them. It will be sort of like an E-Book, complete with photos, for you to share with them over the holidays. I can see it now — hot cocoa, marshmallow cream, their ears tuned in to the rolling cadence of your voice as you read, then Pedro hits Penelope’s elbow and your keyboard is now awash in cocoa. Ok, well, maybe cocoa’s not such a good idea; but please do come read these stories to your children. They will be fascinated.

And because I am such a teacher at heart, and I just can’t help myself, after it’s all said and done, the first contest of the new year will be a little memory exam about The Life and Times of Chaoui. I will have one prize suitable for children and one prize suitable for adults. How does THAT sound? I am planning for the prizes to be unique to South Louisiana.

Tune in December 18th for the first story in The Life and Times of Chaoui.


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  1. On the first day of Christmas, Chaoui gave to me………………..

    Ouch! My ears!!!!! Now, aren’t you witty?

  2. Ah, my wonderful raccoon….she will forever be my Shawee. I miss her very much and look forward to your stories. Thank you so much.

    My pleasure, Cuz! But I know you’re already read them!!!

  3. We’ll be reading!! As a homeschool mom, I’m always looking for fun, new things to do with the kiddos. Especially over the next few weeks, with so much to do and a bit lighter school schedule!

    Fantastic! Thanks, Susan!

  4. What a darling picture! We have racoons here in rural Georgia, but they aren’s so kind as to pose for our photographs. Must be some of that Bayou friendliness I’ve heard about. ;- )


    Yep! Nothing friendlier than a bayou coon!

  5. where can I find your stories of this beautiful creature? I can not wait to read this to my 3 young boys. Who mind you, are totally amazed by the HUGE male raccoon who wonders around the old sugar cane fields near our home at late night hours.
    It seems as though our coon & yours may be cousins…
    Always up to no-good!!

    Welcome to this blog! This raccoon series will start on Wednesday, the 18th if all goes well!