Homemade Cornbread


Or how I decided to bake some cornbread from scratch!

While my internet is intermittent, I am forced to do things that otherwise pretty much go undone around here–like laundry, dishes, cooking, and baking. Besides the other things mentioned, here’s what I was forced to do today . . .

Good old-fashioned cornbread in the cast iron skillet . . .


cooling on the rack . . . the smell wafting through the house . . .


Quick before all the punks playing Guitar Hero in the den follow their noses to the kitchen. Mmmmmm.

And isn’t that the cutest butter dish you’ve ever seen? It belonged to my paternal great-grandmother and might be an original Pyrex, I’m not sure. But it is a faded red color, and I just LOVE it. I’m not sure, either, what she used it for; but if I cut a stick of butter in half, the 2 halves fit perfectly inside the dish.

If one of my punks breaks this dish, I will cut their fingers off. Truly, I will. Just ask them !!!!

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  1. YUM,YUM! Just need us some greens. Love your blog. I am going to contact you soon and book me a fishing trip. I have always wanted to fish in the gulf and Jack is not able to go.

    Oh yea! I had cabbage with my cornbread!!! I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE you to come fishing. The trout are still in the lake near my home right now, if we can catch them on a day they’re biting it would be GREAT. If not, we can chase some reds!!!

  2. Greens and cabbage are good, but it’s even better crumbled up with diced onions, tomatoes and Crowder peas. Gotta have plenty of “pot liquor ” too. Only meat for this meal is the salt pork used for seasoning the crowders.

    Honestly, Steph, I missed out on my new year cabbage and peas that is traditional down the bayou. We season our cabbage with the salt pork! And the blackeyes get seasoned with (yikes!) bacon grease! Don’t forget to throw in a little North Louisiana flavor with green tomato chow chow and pepper sauce! Yummmy!

  3. Hey, I can bring the greens, and the potliquor too!

    Your cornbread looks so wonderful. I can just feel the steam and the melty butter. Mmmm mmm.


  4. That looks fantastic… like a giant portobella mushroom. I’ve tried to cook cornbread in a skillet before and NEVER had it look that good!

    Honey? I’m thinkin’ Steen’s Cane Syrup!

    Oooooo, baby, yea. You know it!!!!

  5. Yup, it looks like originial Pyrex to me, and I’m ancient enough to remember. Faded red was one of the colors and that’s a shape I remember. Ann

    Good to know! I do love that little dish!