Houma Pyrate Day: Back to da Bayou — 13 Comments

  1. Arrrrrrrr, so ye be wantin’ t’be a pirate an’ ye don’t be wantin’ t’ end up in D’drink. Then ye best be a learnin’ t’ be a talkin’ right’an proper.

    Lay below and tell the quartermaster to be passin out dem eyepatches!

    No, belay me last and just bring up another barrel a’grog and me bottle a rum.

    Now be off wit’ya ya scurvy dog, and mind ya don’t spill nary a drop or I’ll be a letting the crew watch a flogging for recreation.

    Was a nice day for getting out and about. Hope there are enough in Houma to keep it rolling along.

  2. I found the eye patch story interesting. I’ll certainly give it a try. Not that I disbelieve y’all (haven’y watched Myth Busters segment)…I just want to try it.

  3. A grand time was had by all…and what a privilege for us to meet even more wonderful folks! Some very talented artisans and some wonderful ‘characters’ (like Mr. C.J. & his ‘lads’ from the Military Museum).
    Many thanks to ye Capt. Wendy for being the best crew member (well, family, really) these humble Pyrates could ask for.

    We really are fortunate…

  4. What a fun time! I never even heard of the event until now – but of course, I don’t read Houma online quite as dilgently as I should. Maybe you need to include a little “Upcoming Events” widget in your sidebar, with just a name, a date and a link to publicity.

    I’d never heard about that eyepatch business, either. It makes sense now that I think about it. Who cares if it’s really historical fact? It’s a great explanation!

    I just found a dewberry patch growing in the midst of some shrubbery right below my apartment. It looks like the birds have been getting the berries as they ripen – either that or the folks who live next to it are having berries for breakfast. We’d hip deep in strawberries just now, but I’m anxious for dewberries.

    • The events sidebar is a good suggestion. I’ve had several events I could’ve advertised already this year. Gonna do that first thing in the morning when I’m fresh. Our dewberries are ready, and after this rain, they’ll be plump and juicy and maybe I’ll go pick me a gallon tomorrow morning, too!! Thanks for reminding me!

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