Housing Alternatives

Termite and I were taking a little joy ride and came upon an interesting but curious sight.

Modular House 1

Two halves of a house were being jockeyed into position by big trucks.  Can you see a big crane in the background?

Modular House 2Here’s a much better view of the crane and one half of the house.

Let me explain:  This is a modular house, which was built in a huge building under controlled conditions, and will be put together on site.  These houses are as strong as stick houses built on site, and they are engineered to 140 mph standards.

But remember, any new construction down here must be elevated above the flood plain by at least 10 feet.  And this location is definitely in a flood plain.

So, how will they get this house off the ground since it’s already been constructed?

Modular House 3Ideas, anyone?

I didn’t get to hang around long enough to see and photograph the process, and I have not had time to go back and see how far along they got.  As soon as I do, though, I’ll update this post and show you how it was done.

I hope I didn’t miss all the fun!!


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    1. For those who don’t have the Blufloyd decoder ring, RS refers to a Camp Dularge neighbor who purchased a “mobile home” and had it elevated.

      Yes, Blu, I think it might be similar to the RS Chronicles!!!

  1. I’m sure they have the Modular put together by now. They probably started work on the plumbing and electrical and will finish up in the next day or so…well maybe longer if the have to wait on inspectors. I’ll catch up on the progress in a few days. WE’RE GOIN’ FISHING!