CONTEST OVER-SEE WHO WON! How about a contest and a photo giveaway? — 43 Comments

  1. These are good, very very good!!!

    Ok, folks, keep ’em coming.

    I’m not saying what it is until tomorrow night!!!

    Meanwhile, please browse posts to see if there might be a photo you’d like to have. Or even one from the gallery. I have several versions of every photo and lots and lots of photos, so if you want something in particular, just let me know.


  2. Well, Rebel, go buy you some of those “cheaters” to help you see better! I can’t see without mine! I promise you there is a duck in his hand and I think there’s enough identifying features if you’re a duck hunter—which I’m not. I have to rely on the resident duck ID person for this one!

  3. I’m guessing it’s a dead one. I should know this, I have duck hunters at home. I usually just see them when they make it to the old butter tub in the sink waiting for me to put them in the freezer or frying pan. Occasionally someone will leave one in the bag and I’ll wash it—-oh the joys of digging duck parts out of my washing machine!

  4. I am so excited about my name bein’ drawn. Yahoo!!!
    But when I went to your link to email you, nothin’ there. Wahhhh
    You have so many great photos. I’ve been sittin’ here lookin’ and tryin’ to decide. Thank you so, so much.

  5. Rebel – I’m happy you’re happy! Go to my Email page and copy and paste the address from there, if you don’t mind. The link should take you to that page now! Thanks for telling me of the glitch!
    PS Take your time on the photo, unless it’s a holiday gift!

  6. Vance, we were way overdue for a contest, but I hope to be doing more of them as time goes on. I’ve been so busy trying to get our home cleaned up and well, uh other important stuff like fishing for trout!!! And I love you, too, cher!

    No, Deloutre, sorry. It’s not a mallard hen. You want me to explain how a duck plucker works? I’d be glad to. Hey, when you coming back down here, huh? I miss you!

  7. Didn’t want to leave any of the words out. The Dead duck being plucked does apply…just don’t know what kind of duck……..You didn’t give us much to go on..Can’t see the feet or the beak or bill…whatever you call it. It has to be female because most of the males are colored up real good. Just too much stress in these contests!

  8. WAIT! HOLD THE PRESSES! There has been a mistake in the duck ID.

    While looking to see if I had better photos to post to help with the ID process . . . . it occurred to me that this duck had been improperly ID’d by me and my resident duck person . . . .

    So, we had a winner yesterday . . . . . DYEPAC!!!

    This is a gadwall or what we call a gray duck. It has been officially verified by a pre-plucking and post-plucking photo–which I will not post, since this blog does not allow nudity!!!

    Congratulations, Mike! Let me know what photo you would like and how large!!!


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