How do you feel about public bathing? — 4 Comments

  1. Ha! I love these photos! Makes me think of using them in a slide show to music such as “Splish Splash, I was taking a bath.”

  2. Wow! These are gorgeous pictures! They would be so beautiful framed! Love them!


    Thanks, Trish. Do you think one might be worthy of a contest prize?

  3. One more time? Please tell me the correct name of the HUGE woodpeckers that are about 2 feet tall, or more, with a ruffle around their necks.

    See? I’m not the only admirer of your photos that think they should be framed (or made into a book).

    I love that you understand what the critters are “saying” and “thinking”. Right on target!

    I’m not sure. The ones I”ve seen here lately are about a foot tall, but I didn’t notice a ruffle. They are called a Pileated woodpeckers.

  4. I did the google thing and couldn’t find anything there. I’ve seen them many times and so has my youngest, so I know they exist! I’ll keep searching.

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