How do you make a duck blind?

You poke it in the eye with a stick.

What were you expecting?

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

It’s that time of year again.  There’s a little cool snap in the air, a little less humidity, and it’s time to either freshen up or build your duck blind.  Some of you might recall our duck hunting adventures from last year–Termite was learning the ropes!

This year he wanted to make his own blind rather than use a “boat blind” like we did last year.  He had his spot chosen from last year and knew just what he wanted to do, which was prepare a blind he could drive his boat into and hunt from rather than have to disembark and unload all his gear.

The idea sounded good, and it only took him a couple days to talk me into helping him out.  Turns out, I didn’t have a tour Saturday, so I really had no excuse not to help him.  I mean, my boat was still in the water, and we could launch his little boat easily enough.  So, we picked up his buddy and off we went to find the raw materials.

Roadside CaneLest you think these are just noxious roadside  weeds, let me set your straight.  These cane we call roseau (rozo) are phragmites, or common reed.  There’s a gold mine here for any industrious teens who don’t mind a little hard work, blisters, and sore muscles.  Currently, they sell for $10 a bundle of 100.

My older sons, who had each other for help and encouragement, cut roseau cane by the hundreds for a few years in a row when they were teens.  Back then, the price was only $5 a bundle, but one October, they made about $1600 cutting and selling roseau cane to hunters to build their duck blinds.  Believe me–they earned every penny.

Phragmites RoseauBut I digress. We’re talking about Termite now–the baby of the family and an entirely different breed of kid.  Okay, he’s spoiled, but I’m not the only one who has contributed to that debilitating condition.

Boys in roseauTermite and K-Dog set to work right away with their cane knives, while I sat nearby in the truck reading.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  I decided to just relax for a change!  (Photo blurry = operator error!)

Once they had three bundles, they loaded them into the back of the pickup.

K-Dog Back at Camp Dularge, they took them from my truck and loaded them into my boat.  After we launched Termite’s small boat, K-Dog rode with me and the roseau . . .Termite in boatwhile Termite decided to play chicken with this guy.  PLEASE watch where you’re going, son.

unload.roseauAfter about a ten-minute boat ride, we were outside our entrance.  The boys used their noodles and decided that putting the bundles on this earthen dam would be the best way to get the roseau onto the lease, since my big boat can’t fit through the gate.

No TrespassingI saw you squinting, trying to read those signs.  I made it easy for you!  Pay no attention to those signs.  We don’t!  All kidding aside, that sign does not apply to us because we pay (along with a dozen other folks) to hunt this section.  Hopefully, the signs keep the poachers out.

Lease gateAnd then they headed through the gate, while I waited in my boat timing them to see how long it would take them to . . .

company.canalgo around through the hunting lease and back to the other side of this earthen dam (ten minutes) . . .

roseau.small.boatwhere they then loaded the bundles into the small boat.

Heading offAnd off they go.  Two boys and three bundles of roseau cane, heading out into the marshy wilderness to create a place from which Termite will ambush waterfowl in the days to come.

Like any good mom, I issued all the usual cautions:

“Don’t fall overboard.  K-Dog, don’t drop your cell phone in the water.  Call me if you need me.  Don’t cut your hand off with that cane knife.  Watch out for snakes.  Don’t go riding all over the lease.”

I thought I might go cruise around for a bit and look for fishy water or photo ops; but the beauty of the day and the need to relax won out.  I tied up to a tree, stabbed the Cajun anchor, and pulled out a book.  After that, I lay down and closed my eyes.

And before I could finish my day-dream, they were finished.  K-Dog got in the boat with me, and we headed back in.

“Come on, Mom, let’s race!”

Racing TermiteNo fair!  How can I race you and take pictures?  Truth is, that little 9.9 HP engine outran my 75 HP!  Does that surprise you?

I’m sorry I don’t have a photo of the blind.  That will come at a later date when I’ve had a chance to go out there in the small boat with him.

After we returned to the camp, it was time to play musical boats at Camp Dularge.  We took his boat out of the water and parked it at the camp.  Then we  hooked up to my trailer and took my boat out of the water and parked it at the camp.  And the mudboat had to be jockeyed around to make room for these two boats.  Let’s just say, I got my exercise jumping in and out of the truck hooking up to and unhooking from boat trailers!

You know, it turned out to be a beautiful day, even though I thought I was going to town and meet up with Dotter and do some girlie things like shopping and eating.  The day got away from me, but I have no regrets.  The stores and restaurants will still be there another weekend, but duck season just wont’ wait, will it?

And you all know, I would never, ever poke a duck in the eye with a stick, right?


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  1. I’m with Granny Sue. I’m sure we’ll see some pictures soon, right? I’m wearing a grin thinking about one of Termite’s duck hunt last year. (New comers will have to check out 11/2/08’s post to find out what I’m grinning about. ) BW, are you planning on bringing him on his hunts this year, or will he have to wait for Big Brothers to step in? Do your boys only hunt duck?

    1. Steffi – I was just about to message you. How was the fishing trip? The duck blind just looks like a bunch of roseau, with room enough for him to slip his boat into the center. Nothing special.

      I will probably end up going with him AGAIN, but I’ve already told him I’m not getting in the boat without 1 spotlight, with new batteries, stand-by batteries, and 2 flash lights PERIOD!!!!! Big brothers are busy working extra hitches, and then they are both moving. They currently reside together, and they are sort of parting ways.

      Others hunt deer and rabbit on the lease, but my guys don’t have time. And I’m not a deer hunter, so don’t give Termite any ideas. I’m not much on rabbit, either. But I don’t mind sitting in the blind while he tries to hit waterfowl. At least they don’t make noises like other creatures do. I can’t stand that part.

      1. We got skunked!! Not EVEN a Flounder! Missed a few. Had a hard time keeping the slack out of the line because of the wind. We were loading up before you even hit the water for your tour.
        Too bad your guys don’t hunt deer. I would have traded Slim Jims and cheese crackers with Termite for some Venison. Heck, I would have even thrown in some Vienna Sausage. Fried Back Strap is a favorite of mine. Stewed rabbit is mighty fillin’ too!

  2. Nice post my friend. But tell Termite he should be heading west in that canal, not north.

    Congrats Kristina! Told ya this was a pretty cool blog.

  3. Last Turkey Day week some guys drove like an hour to load a landscape trailer with roseau across from La Sportsman. Lots of chopping and hacking.

  4. Duck season started here Saturday. I know that because the male child I was with during hunters safety kept mumbling he was missing opening day learning to not shoot an alligator from the road. IN OKLAHOMA!!!! I really don’t know much more after that was over than I did going in except a mountain lion is more rarely spotted than an alligator in our fine state. I also learned a 3 year old with a hunters safety card can hunt alone but if I don’t have mine, I have to hunt with a 3 year old. I’m so confused, think I’ll just go shopping.

  5. Get the cougar suit. ROFLMAO. Never hunted at three but carried the birds at 5 i know. .410 at 7. That raised some hackles in the neighborhood.

  6. I cut rozos one year with David… once… and I still have the scar to prove it! We need sushi sometime soon!