How do you make a duck blind? — 18 Comments

  1. I’m with Granny Sue. I’m sure we’ll see some pictures soon, right? I’m wearing a grin thinking about one of Termite’s duck hunt last year. (New comers will have to check out 11/2/08’s post to find out what I’m grinning about. ) BW, are you planning on bringing him on his hunts this year, or will he have to wait for Big Brothers to step in? Do your boys only hunt duck?

    • Steffi – I was just about to message you. How was the fishing trip? The duck blind just looks like a bunch of roseau, with room enough for him to slip his boat into the center. Nothing special.

      I will probably end up going with him AGAIN, but I’ve already told him I’m not getting in the boat without 1 spotlight, with new batteries, stand-by batteries, and 2 flash lights PERIOD!!!!! Big brothers are busy working extra hitches, and then they are both moving. They currently reside together, and they are sort of parting ways.

      Others hunt deer and rabbit on the lease, but my guys don’t have time. And I’m not a deer hunter, so don’t give Termite any ideas. I’m not much on rabbit, either. But I don’t mind sitting in the blind while he tries to hit waterfowl. At least they don’t make noises like other creatures do. I can’t stand that part.

      • We got skunked!! Not EVEN a Flounder! Missed a few. Had a hard time keeping the slack out of the line because of the wind. We were loading up before you even hit the water for your tour.
        Too bad your guys don’t hunt deer. I would have traded Slim Jims and cheese crackers with Termite for some Venison. Heck, I would have even thrown in some Vienna Sausage. Fried Back Strap is a favorite of mine. Stewed rabbit is mighty fillin’ too!

  2. Duck season started here Saturday. I know that because the male child I was with during hunters safety kept mumbling he was missing opening day learning to not shoot an alligator from the road. IN OKLAHOMA!!!! I really don’t know much more after that was over than I did going in except a mountain lion is more rarely spotted than an alligator in our fine state. I also learned a 3 year old with a hunters safety card can hunt alone but if I don’t have mine, I have to hunt with a 3 year old. I’m so confused, think I’ll just go shopping.

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