Hurricane Ike and Coastal Louisiana — 13 Comments

  1. There’s no need of repayment. Caring people will always reach out to others and hope that they in turn will reach out to someone else in need.
    (((Hugs))) sending thoughts of strength and faith.

  2. It’s difficult to sit back and wait for what you know is going to be a bad thing–and you can do nothing to change it. Prayers are with you, long-distance friend. I hope your lovely bayou home rides out the storm. you can handle a little water–let’s hope that’s all the damage that is sustained.

  3. Ohhhhhhh….. (expletives deleted). Sending thoughts, prayers, telepathic images of japanese ink fish prints, and anything else I got to Baby Jesus, Johnny Cash, and an old riverboat Capt. in Mississippi among others.

    Hoping these are the tests and not the quizzes.

    Going fishing I ain’t watching no more, TW.

  4. I surfed on over to check on you as I have heard parts of hwy 98 in the florida panhandle has been closed because of the surge (my MIL has a home a few blocks from the beach in that area). I figured if they were getting your area would be even more effected. Thank you for explaining the marsh/wetlands. Until your website and posts I had no knowledge of all this.

    You and your area will remain in my prayers. Stay Dry!

  5. I am praying for all of you. As a fellow Louisiana resident I know the devastation you can have. I wish more was being done for our wetlands and the rich culture in your area.

  6. I sit here praying, wishing and hoping. Concerned for all of you and our relatives in Houston, too. The Lovely Lady got 6 feet of water from Gustav….she will have more than that from Ike. Did Bayou Fabio get the repairs done on his place and boat?

  7. Louisiana’s wetlands are our first defense from tidal surge. Our second line of defense, are man made levees, which of course can fail (N.O. -Hurricane Katrina) . As I write this the levees in lower Terrebone Parish are being “topped” from Ike’s tidal surge. B.W., I’m praying y’all are far enough up the bayou that y’all won’t experience any flooding.

  8. Hello everyone. I am back from making hurricane preparations for us here at LilSis’s house–batteries, water, etc. One of my sons went down this afternoon and the water is already crossing the road from the terrible navigation channel that runs from the Gulf of Mexico up to the city north of us. We are not flooding from the bayou—but from that deep channel that acts like a funnel–funneling water straight up; and it’s rushing so fast that it floods through the marsh and into our yards.

    Our best case scenario for our homes not to flood is that the storm surge would diminish after the eye makes landfall, and there would be more tidal surge on the back side of the storm. What we are experiencing now is “ahead” of the eye making landfall.

    Your thoughts and prayers, and even Blu’s mode of help are ALL greatly appreciated.

    And by the way, Blu, what is TW????????

    From north Louisiana (and wishing I was down the bayou),

  9. LilSis here:

    As indicated in the last line of Imerie’s comment above, I’m sure many of you had no idea the predicament that the south Louisianians are in.

    Therefore, I beg each of you who read this post to send it to everyone (and I mean everyone) in your address book. Sure, not everyone who gets it will read it, but many will, and if you encourage them to forward it…. Well, you see where I’m going with this.

    The nation needs to be educated about the problem before they can even care about the people affected by the problem.

    Please take the few minutes needed to forward the URL of this post to all your friends and urge them to read it, then do the same.


  10. It’s sickening how fast the marsh is disappearing! I’m praying that the storm surge is reduced by the time it gets to your bayou. This storm is crazy big and even those of us hundreds of miles inland are under a “Tropical Storm Warning”. I know there are LOTS of prayers going out for the Louisiana and Texas coastal people tonight.

  11. That Woman. Universally semi acceptable terminology.
    Guess I never hit submit on last post or gremlins deleted it.
    Gonna be plenty wet up here too I think. Hoping and praying my little towns of Watseka and Pontiac Illinois do not flood again.

    I too hope they don’t flood. Oh, how could I forget “that woman”?!!!

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