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  1. Before all the hurricane debris gets picked up, look for some old wooden fence planks if you want a rustic “look”. That’s the “recycled material”. More later. I was going to shut down for the night, but decided to check to see if your Internet was actually reinstalled when they said you would have it.

  2. All these special and loving people are drawn by your warm and loving heart. And the bright light in your eyes. Once again I had a lump in my throat, tears in my eyes and a big smile on my face. Ti-Du is too cute. I’m glad she found you.

    I’ll fight ya for the chocolate cranberries!

    I believe I’ve been on one of Alligator Annie’s tours!

  3. Katy Bug – You are too kind. You must be related to me or something!!! And I knew you would like Ti-Du. She is such a sweetie, too. She came at just the right time to make me realize I was alive and needed to lift my head above all the negative circumstances piled on top of me at the time. Come see me and I’ll share my candy with you!!!

    You might have. She was the only one doing tours for a long time. Now her son has carried it on and he’s getting ready to give it up I hear.

  4. My Cuz Katy Bug’s comment reminds me also that there were some who shared their finances with us. They prefer to remain anonymous, so I will thank them here and tell them that the money will go into our personal home, and I know it takes a big heart to share hard-earned dollars. Again, thank you.

  5. Omigosh I’m so homesick for the bayous and I’ve never lived there. We have traveled in the area and I love it. So mysterious and filled with wildlife. I love reading your blog. Keep it up. The dog is as cute as a bug.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  6. Hey Suzanne! Mind if I call you FW? LOL! I hopped over to your place last night from The Milkman’s Wife, Heidi’s blog. Now that I have the net again, I’ll be able to read more and leave comments!!! So, see ya soon! And thanks for stopping by! I hope to keep this up as often as life will permit!

  7. Hi Lynn – Is that my Eat Like a Native Lynn? I’m sorry I haven’t been visiting the forum, but with no net it’s been a little difficult! Things are coming together from many different directions. I’m not sure when we’ll be settled at “home”, but I’m sure there will be a post about it! I have to get a new oven and season that dutch oven first, right?

  8. Pull out the outside burner to season your pot. Coat outside of pot w/grease, fry a bag of el cheapo frozen french fries then throw them away (if your pot has a “wax” coating, they’ll not be the tastiest).
    Too bad (for both of us) you don’t need an electric glass top Range. We’ll be selling a brand new Range and a dishwasher. I was wanting a new fridge, and we came across a deal for all 3 appliances for less than the (regular ) price of just the fridge.
    Any of your friends Shrimping? My usual source is making one more trip out and they aren’t taking anymore orders. I NEED 40 lbs. of SHRIMP!

  9. Steffi – Thanks for the outside burner and fry idea. Hey, I might want to put electric range in here. Does an electric range require a 220 plug in? And where did you come across such a good deal? I need to know! The shrimp are very small, but there are quite a few people here “skimming”.

  10. So happy to hear that ML and Bill gave you “my hugs!” Loved this post with all the gifts to see – isn’t it amazing how our lives touch so many others? Why, I think I am going to go pop in “It’s a Wonderful life!” 🙂

    Love to you, and have a great week with your internet!!!

  11. Wow! I am so happy for you! Gifts and gifts, of all kinds. The gift for me is knowing you’ll be sharing your life with us again, and knowing that things are slowing righting themselves in your world.

  12. Wook at dat tute little dooogggg! 😉 Finally, a dog I actually like! Maybe we’ll get lucky and she’ll keep her nice baby fur… And I was wondering what DCCDC’s were. Are they sour? BTW, google “cranberry bogs”. It’s quite interesting. I am on a quest to become a fount of random knowledge. Someone ask me what that white fibrous stuff on oranges is! *lol*

  13. BTW, WordPress hates me. They assigned me about the girliest quilting square avatar in the lot! Thank God it’s not pink too. I want Steffi’s! Maybe one day I’ll get a blog so I can actually have my picture up here… We can compete for ratings. 😉

  14. Nope not sour. Google beats reading encyclopedias and dictionaries.
    I have did both. Come from a long line of smarty butts but we have learned to play it down. I hope there is Satsuma’s on the roadside. Friday or Saturday.

  15. I read where some of your readers may have had some storm damage with Ike of Gustav and have not gotten satisfaction from their insurance companies. I know how they may be able to recover additional monies from their insurance companies. Please give me a call to discuss.
    318 207 0010


  16. Wow, Donald, what an interesting comment on a thread that has nothing to do with insurance. I wonder what blog reader alerted you to a blog post about hurricane damage insurance claims? Hmmmm? I’ll leave your offer up for a bit to see if any of the readers here would like to give you a call. Welcome to the bayou and thanks for your offer to help.


  17. Interesting. Where do these people come from?? I’m not interested so ya can nix the offer as far as I’m concerned. BW, you are the epitome of gracious Southern ladies.

  18. Well, Katy, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and maybe he can help someone!!!

    Welcome, Linda, to the bayou, and I hope you come back often! I’ll go visit you now!


  19. You really are blessed Wendy! The puppy looks so cute……I’m hoping we’ll see you. We’ll be back in town before Christmas and through January. We’ve got to go dancing!!!!

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