Hurricane Ike – The Humans

The Bobcat Story continues.  And this is not a living bobcat, but a handy little frontloader called by same name. 

True to their promise, a shor time later, the chain saw crew returned, but this time they had the Bobcat loaded on that flatbed trailer.  It was backed down by a mystery driver and promptly set to work.

The way these folks worked together was very impressive,

as load after load of branches and logs were hauled to the shoulder of the road.

Since the tree did not belong to me, and fell from the lot next door down onto my property, they asked what I would like to do with the rest of the fallen tree.

So I asked if they would mind pushing it back over the property line . . .

In the blink of an eye, it was done.  And then the over-zealous Bobcat operator decided to move the whole pile of flooded household goods across the highway on top of the branches, so that we would not have a nasty pile of yucky furntiure right at the end of the driveway as a constant reminder.

And then, as fast as they had arrived, they were leaving.  And you still can’t see the mystery Bobcat operator.

I would like to take this opportunity of thank that mystery operator for coming down the bayou, working all day long in that little cage, and for helping many of us clean up messes that would otherwise still be sitting undone . . . .

Thank you, Kristie!  You are my new hero!  Really, you are!  Would you like to join WATS (Women Armed with ToolS)?  You can be the president since your tool is bigger than all the ones that Heather, Stephanie of G and I use!!!!!

Well, my time on this borrowed computer is over, because the borrowed washing machine has finished washing my clothes.  Before the sun sets, I need to go back down to the cypress cottage and hang the clothes on my makeshift clothesline!

Until next time, thank you all for checking in and reading.  Writing to you takes me away from all the gloom and doom for a while, and maybe soon I will be more like my old self and have some idea what to do about our home. 


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  1. I know you are faced with a huge decision. I have lived all my life in Kentucky. The decision you are faced with would be like me having to decide to leave Kentucky. I don’t know what I’d do!
    Just know we are keeping you in our thoughts, prayers and heart and you aren’t alone.

  2. Hi, Bayou Woman,

    My heart aches for you and your family. What a terrible thing to have to go through, twice!

    I heard this recently, “We wouldn’t ask all those California earthquake victims to move away from their area just because it’s prone to earthquakes, would we?”

    I think this applies to anyone who loves their homeland, even if it’s been demolished by earthquake, tornado, flood, whatever. Every place has some sort of destruction waiting in the wings for a chance to strike. We can’t move away from all those areas. Where would we go?

    I pray you have the courage to face it all and make the decision that is right for you. Such an overwhelming job!

  3. I hated reading that last paragraph. You are sounding soooooooo down. Take a few days off for yourself. I know the best “pick me up” for you. Head down to Grand Isle for the 2nd Annual Ladies Fishing Rodeo on Oct. 17th and 18th. (fellow readers, BW placed 2nd last yr. in the Blk. Drum species). I’ll even pay your entry fee. That $20 will be going to a good cause, Breast Cancer Awareness and YOU could use a couple days on the water. I was hoping to go myself but have prior commitments. I’m serious, let me know where you want me to send your entry fee! Don’t y’all think “The Captain” needs to get out on the water?

  4. WOW!!!! i always like a woman that drove a truck….but a BOBCAT !!!… you think i can get Ronny lee in one…hey it was great seeing you saturday..keep that chin up and a smile on that face…

  5. Hey dyepac, might be worth an intervention to kidnap the Wet One and take her fishing. This came to me Sat. nite in the middle of work. Just remembered it.

    My arm is getting over the flu shot so maybe I can donate to the cause now.

    Cheer up down there, everybody.

  6. (((((((((BW))))))))
    just wanted to get my hugs in right off the bat since I’m still having to go to the library to use the puter. I have missed you, but I keep up with the backlogs. My heart sang seeing that bobcat pushing all that rubbish away…sorta wish I had a big bottle of calgon to wash it all way for you. With all that dirt moving around, you may just be suprised next spring by the presence of odd placed flowers springing up in unexpected places…some sorta thing to look forward too.
    Off track…I just celebrated the big 5, James took me out to eat for my b’day…it was nice…not half the cobwebs and arthritis pains I had been anticipating…lol. Hope you and yours have nothing but sunny days til spring. Keep your chin up, you are doing great, and will get thru this the way BW always does, with deligence and fortitude!!!!
    Hey blufloyd, sounds like a great plan, I’ll send the rope if yall promise to drag her tired bottom out on the water and keep her there a bit…… ; )

  7. Hey everybody! I’m up at my friend’s again, the washer is on load 2 and I’m reading all your heart-felt comments before I take the clothes back down to the cypress cottage and put them on the line. Weather is (what a blessing) gorgeous down here right now!

    Steffi – Josie sent me a packet of flyers to distribute down here about the 2nd annual GI Ladies Fishing Rodeo, and I’ve been planning since last year to participate, but now I have a conflict. If I go, I’ll just buy my ticket when I get there, or if you want, you can send the $ to Josie at the Tourist Commission office for me ahead of time. It goes to a good cause whether I fish or not.

    And what, pray tell, what could keep me from fishing the tournament? There is an Louisiana Outdoor Writer banquet that Sat. night in Morgan City which I have to attend. And the reason will be revealed in another blog past–after the fact!!! I will most likely leave my fish at the weigh in at noon on GI and then clean up at a friend’s camp and head to Morgan City for banquet. It will be a whirlwind, but worth it.

    Dyepac – are you and Ronnie Lee getting together a team to fish the GI Tournament this year? Please tell her about it, ok? I forgot to mention it when I saw ya’ll Saturday.

  8. Happy Birthday Sweet Magnolia!!! LilSis had her big 50 this past week, and I sent her a basket of cookies and brownies to try to fatten her up so we’d look more like sisters. Anyway, you have a typo in your comment – is it the big 50???

    My oldest child is 26 today, and I still don’t feel that old, mentally at least!

  9. And again, you people are the most amazing people as far as kind wishes and moral support go. While fishing would take my mind off reality for a while, there are major deicisions to be made here.

    As a wetland educator, the flooding from Ike confirmed to the hundreds of people from around the nation whom I’ve educated that our homes were indeed going to flood again by the next hurricane making landfall to the west of us.

    It is a dark, dismal reality. And I am one person. No matter how many words I type, or how many sentences I speak, restoration is not being done–vital restoration that will prevent flooding in the future. This time, it was worse than for Rita, for a storm that landed farther away and with less intensity.

    And now, insurance premiums, just to own a home down here, are through the rough and the newspaper printed an article this week projecting a 45% increase.

    Yes, I know there are other great places to live. But Bayou People cannot make a living doing what we do in some other great place—unless it’s in coastal Louisiana.

    Sorry to go on and on, but I do have a lot on my mind, so keep sending those good thoughts to keep me on track!!

    And I will post a new update on the cypress cottage soon!!

  10. Hey BW!

    The wedding is over, and my son is now an official ampersand – yea!!!

    I loved reading this update, and seeing the mystery driver — kind of like an angel unawares, isn’t it?

    You know, I can well understand the tempting thought of moving to somewhere else, but honestly, that’s just not you, is it? You have faced hardships galore in the past, and come through them — and I know you will come through this as well. I cannot begin to imagine the toll the cleaning up takes on emotions, physical strength, financial implication, and mentally, but you have been given an enormous gift — to be able to see the Bayou and all the beauty God has within it, and I just don’t think you will leave it…

    Know you are in my prayers, and I’ll keep checking your site now that the wedding is over…

    Love to you, and yea, I have trouble believing your first child is 26, too!!! I sent her a birthday hey, and it hit me then — she’s 26!!!!!!! :-/

  11. Hi BW!

    I’ve been catching up on my reading, and I’m just devastated for you and yours down there on the Bayou.

    Right now I’m wracking my brain and trying to think of useful things I could do to help you during this time (other than praying, which I am doing constantly). What do you need? What would help? Other than hopping in my car and going down there to help you clean up, how can I help you or at least let you know that I want to share your burden with you?


  12. I got a reply today from Josie Cheramie about the Ladies Fishing rodeo. Your entry fee is in the mail! I just hope you’ll leave your worries in Theriot as you fish. Do us proud.

  13. My dear Vance, you have hit the nail on the head, my dear! How can I leave? I know the wedding was glorious and now you have a daughter!!!

    Trish, hang on to your good intentions, and know that I will be pressing myself to share with you what you can do in the near future!!! And the prayers, well, I can feel them more than you know. I hope you are donig well with all you have going on in your life, too.

    Steffi, you just made up my mind for me. I will be able to fish Friday and put my fish in the line up Saturday at noon, but then I have to leave to attend an important function in Morgan City that evening. I’m sorry I won’t be able to stay for the prizes and the party, but you’ll know after the fact why MC was an must-do trip!!!



  14. Not trying to toot my own horn, or drag anyone away from BW’s blog, but if you’d like my version of our trip down the bayou after Ike, you can read it here:

    And looks like I might be fishing that rodeo with BW! Although I’ll be more of a hindrance than a help. Maybe I’ll just take lots of photos for you all. Now go read my post and let me know what you think.