Hybrid House, Part 2

It’s been slow going because of intermittent days of rain.  But when the weather is good, these guys really get after it!

Here’s where we left off last time, I think . . .

Okay, we need another roof truss next . .

There we go.  The sky track is lifting the last truss up for those guys to weld in place.  Much of the time, metal buildings are bolted together.  We opted for welding everything together for a stronger bond.

The framework is now ready for the purlins.

The purlins, which will frame up the windows and doors are welded on.  The metal panels will be screwed to the purlins next week.

Next, the windows and doors can be put into place .

By the end of that day, with the front door in place, it’s starting to look like a house.

This is my little amigo, Carlos, putting up the hurricane straps.  He doesn’t speak much English, but he loved my chicken and andouille gumbo, and he loved his first ever white beans and fried red fish!

With rain in the forecast, there won’t be much progress made over the next few days.  I can’t wait for more fair weather and more progress.  Patience, BW, patience.

Your waterlogged,


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  1. For Redfish, White beans, Gumbo, AND some fried shrimp or oysters, I would have done some of the welding! (Yes, I can weld) You would also have had to supply a safety harness. Heights and I don’t get along too well after ALMOST taking a 22′ fall years ago.
    What kind of time frame have y’all been given till completion? I know it can’t come soon enough for y’all.

  2. I know it feels slow, but seeing it in these photos and from this distance, it feels like real progress. It certainly looks like a house, and I’ve learned a new word – “purlins”!

  3. You keep feeding ’em like that, they will never finish, they will draw it out as long as possible. It won’t be long now.

  4. I can weld (stop giggling, really I can, you can’t be raised with a cattle ranching family and not weld) and I like food. I think Carlos needs an assistant. Where do I sign on?

  5. Hoping for dry weather. I’m sorry I missed that meal sounds delish. No I can’t weld but I love to be in the kitchen can I be your assistant.

  6. It may seem to be going up slow for you but it sure seems fast to me. I can’t believe the progress every time I see a post. You must be so excited!!!

  7. I learned to weld at my grandfathers side on corner posts in the pastures and then formally taught in high school in the Vo-Ag classes. Funny, I was allowed to weld and cut and use huge machinery but the Home Ec teacher wouldn’t let me NEAR her sewing machines.