Hybrid House, Part 2 — 24 Comments

  1. For Redfish, White beans, Gumbo, AND some fried shrimp or oysters, I would have done some of the welding! (Yes, I can weld) You would also have had to supply a safety harness. Heights and I don’t get along too well after ALMOST taking a 22′ fall years ago.
    What kind of time frame have y’all been given till completion? I know it can’t come soon enough for y’all.

  2. I know it feels slow, but seeing it in these photos and from this distance, it feels like real progress. It certainly looks like a house, and I’ve learned a new word – “purlins”!

  3. You keep feeding ’em like that, they will never finish, they will draw it out as long as possible. It won’t be long now.

  4. I can weld (stop giggling, really I can, you can’t be raised with a cattle ranching family and not weld) and I like food. I think Carlos needs an assistant. Where do I sign on?

  5. Hoping for dry weather. I’m sorry I missed that meal sounds delish. No I can’t weld but I love to be in the kitchen can I be your assistant.

  6. It may seem to be going up slow for you but it sure seems fast to me. I can’t believe the progress every time I see a post. You must be so excited!!!

  7. I learned to weld at my grandfathers side on corner posts in the pastures and then formally taught in high school in the Vo-Ag classes. Funny, I was allowed to weld and cut and use huge machinery but the Home Ec teacher wouldn’t let me NEAR her sewing machines.

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