Hybrid House, Part 3 — 31 Comments

  1. Oh BW, it’s just beautiful! Love that lovely bayou-green color. Are you gonna paint the porch Spanish-moss-gray? 😉

  2. I love how it is looking! I can’t believe how fast it is being built. Are you finishing the inside or will you contract out the whole thing?

    • There is a great group of volunteers from Midland, Michigan who are coming very soon the frame up the inside, and that will be so fantastic to see happen! And then I have to hire people to do the electrical, HVAC, and plumbing. By the time we’re ready for drywall, I hope God blesses us with another team that has those skills and wants to help with the recovery effort. ANYONE???? As far as the paint goes, my family can handle that. And I have a friend who is helping with floors, and that is going to be AWESOME post when the time comes. I will probably do the finish electrical myself, installing receptacles, switches, plates, and lights. Also, I may do some of the finish plumbing myself, as well. Gotta stretch the Road Home $$$ and insurance pennies.

      • I know how to tape and bed!! Had to learn since hubby makes a BIG mess of it.

        I always wanted a kitchen with tile floors and a slope slightly to the center with a drain! Spray, swish with the broom and wash it away! LOL!!

  3. Lookin’ good! I’m sure if it weren’t so cold, you and the boys would have already spent the night in it. I know I would. My perfect house has a second floor screened in balcony with a bed suspended from the ceiling like you-know-who.

  4. Yep, you’re going to love that roof when it rains. And it’s the exact color I want to replace my metal roof with. I knew you’d find some way to get what your mind’s eye wanted. And please do not paint the porch. You’ll be painting the chipped places forever. Stain it instead so the natural wood comes through. Just my thoughts here.

    I’m grinning from ear to ear in happiness and glee for ya Greasy!.

    • Well, Cuz, the siding is not the color I wanted . . . they didn’t have it, so this is my second choice. But I love green, and I think it will blend nicely in the summer time growth.

  5. Rain on the roof is wonderful – but is that an oak tree next to you? That’s either really good or not, depending. I happen to like acorns hitting a metal roof, but they can make a racket!

    Love the color. Love it up in the air. Love that you’ve got a good work crew. This is exciting to watch!

    • I’m hoping the house is far enough away from the oak tree for neither branches nor acorns to be a problem. If so, we’ll trim some more. It’s illegal to cut down a live oak here. Also, we could not build any farther back due to a drop in the landscape and continual marshiness from that point on toward the back. Installing a sewage treatment plant is going to be a major muddy undertaking. I’m glad you like the color.

  6. It sure is going up in a hurry unlike a stick built house seems to take forever. House over yard everytime. We had to replace our septic tank this winter and had to move a rosebed with 13 rose bushes. The back yard is in terrible shape waiting for spring.

    • It seems fast to you? That makes me feel better! They are doing a great job. Ah, yes, as I said, our sewage treatment plant is going to fun, fun fun getting behind the house with all the mud and rain we’ve had. The builder said after all is done, he’ll come back in with his dozer and clean it all up. I hope so!

  7. I am so happy for you! Knowing the years of hardships you’ve endured…seeing your dream come to fruition…these pictures bring tears of joy and thanksgiving!

  8. Yayyyyy! I had missed this post somehow. They’re working so fast… let me know when one doesn’t have to take a sky lift to get in and see it! 😉

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