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  1. Hmmmm…. special flooring,,,,,,,,,, Woven palmetto carpeting, cattail loop rugs? Well, It would go with the Delta Fog paint and French doors.

    In my old house we made the cabinets out of ruff Cyprus with “punched’ Galvanized sheet inserts. Like the olden days when glass was a luxury (I figured no glass to clean right). Let me suggest that you never use a ruff wood finish in a room were cooking is done. You can’t wipe it down or clean it. Its sounds really nice and probably would have been back when they cooked in the fireplace. Its why some of the old ideas did not progress into the modern homes. LOL.

    Looking good, seems to be moving really fast.

    • It is moving fast. Originally, the cabinets were to be made from an old sinker cypress the FEMA cleanup crew pulled out of the bayou and placed on the side of the road. A friend of mine saw it, immediately called and told me about it. I flew down the road, and as good fortune would have it, the head of the cleanup mission was there, and he told me I could have it. Well, it’s been sitting, drying out for about three years now, and I was no successful in getting it milled and dried in time for the cabinets. I love the glass doors, like my great grandmother had her whole life, but I wonder if it costs more?

  2. I just caught up, finally, on the last few weeks of your blog and have “watched” your house being built very quickly in blog time. It brings back memories of having my house built 18 years ago. A lot of work, but a lot more exciting as it gets closer to completion. It look great, I’m really happy for you and your family!

      • It was great! We accomplished a lot and were busy the entire time. I was disappointed that I didn’t squeeze in a trip to see your house, but duty called. I’m already looking forward to going back, but unfortunately it won’t be until fall. I’ll have to send you a pic of my little nieces reading your book. They were quite impressed that you signed it for them. I think Mack is going to take it for show and tell at school.

        • Well, again, thanks for all you’ve done! I’m sorry too, that you could not make it down, but duty did call! Glad the kids are enjoying the book. Their teacher might need some help with the heavy-duty subject matter, though!

  3. Having worked as a painter (15 yrs.), I’d recommend writing down the paint formula (they put it on the lid) instead of referring to the name Delta Fog for future reference. Paint Co.s periodically change the names of their paints, but if you have the formula you can always have them mix your original color. You might want to get Enrique to give you a price for those cabinets too! I used to hate to do cabinets. The interiors are a beotch to do. Call Enrique and have him bring his compressor and paint pot back with him!
    “Billiot Manor” is really looking good. Are the boys getting excited about the new place? Your “readers” are.

    • Oh, yes, Steffi, the boys are very excited. They won’t be when they get the new “house rules” that go along with the new house! Well, you give good advice. Delta Fog was already an old color no longer on the charts when I got it for Camp Dularge, but they still had the formula. And since it is in the computer, and can be cross referenced, Home Depot was able to make that color as a Behr paint, too. That is what we did this time in order to get the deep discount on the paint. I could ask the lady at the store to give me the formula, because all the paint cans are gone already. Enrique failed to give me a price on painting the cabinets. I asked him twice, so I guess he doesn’t want to do them. You want to help me do them? LOL!!

  4. It is really looking nice and more and more like a home. I know you and the family are excited and anticipating move in day. Termite has good taste too.
    How about some gorgeous hardwood or slate/ceramic tile floors? I would love to have stone floors in my kitchen with a sloped drain in the middle. Just dump, scrub and rinse and down the drain it goes!
    I do have a question though. I hope to eventually make a smaller window in our bath and put in a shower but, was told that I would need to cover the walls/ceiling around/above the shower with tile to protect it from the steam. (I have condensation build up now with just the tub). I was wondering if you had to do that since I couldn’t see it in the bath.
    I am so envious of all those electrical plugs!! I still have rooms with NO plugs in them!! We have 6 rooms + bath & enclosed back porch with dryer and we only have 10 plugs total in all those areas. There is one on the outside of the house!! We call this “extension cord” living and have a large collection. LOL!!

    • Having experienced extension cord living, hence, all the plugs!! I’m not sure who is telling you about the walls, but all showers build up steam. That is one of the reasons you install a vent fan. They are cheap and easy to install. You will need some kind of tub/shower surround if all you have now are walls. Are they wood? The walls in the bathroom at Camp Dularge are the original wood planks. All we did in there was put a shower surround and a vent fan, and there are no problems. I grew up in a brick house, with a window in the bathroom which was always closed. No vent fan, and tile around the shower. But every time we showered, there was condensation everywhere. Could not be avoided. I think you would be fine.

  5. I love the colors of the paint! Very relaxing. I wonder how Delta Fog would look with orange? Everything we have is orange (school colors, lol). Would you put some of Termites orange hunting hats or vests next to a wall for me? Just kidding. Sort of.

    Glad the house is coming along so nicely. That to-do list looks daunting to me, not at all like “nothing”.

    • Daunting? Is that the word? It’s exhausting for sure, and for the first time ever, I’m not actually doing the work on top of the running around gathering materials!

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