Hybrid House Update — 22 Comments

  1. Yay!!! Walls! And you’re right, that bathroom does look quite grand! I vote for a very light powdery/slate shade of blue with dark wood for the vanity and bright white towels!

      • But it’s not a “boys” bathroom only, it’s also the guest bathroom! I’m not envisioning a pastel paradise, just something classy and bright. I’ll be excited to see what you’re thinking of though, as it seems I can’t have my way this easily. 😉 (Can you tell I am itching to have my OWN house???)

  2. I think you need a ‘mud bath’ down on the ground level for boys, goats, dogs and their pets.

    Pretty dang kewl. A drywall guy I knew a couple years back at the lake was gonna run a 5k run with his ‘boots’. I never heard he did.

    So you got a weep field and a dry well or sump. The dune folk by Lake Michigan have similar things.

    Getting ready to kayak over weekend. Trailer fished out of garage tonight.
    Kayak out of barn tomorrow.

  3. We call that sewer system an “aerating” system. They have them near my daughters home and it stinks in the summer! Good thing she lives on the south side of them.

    The house looks GREAT!! Not much longer now until finished.

  4. I’m amazed at how those guys work in stilts, I can barely work in shoes and I sit down at my desk, lol. It looks great. Don’t write Dotters color scheme off, I think it would be very pretty too. White towels are easier to upkeep than colored ones since you can bleach them to the Heavens!

    • Oh, I agree about the white towels . . . that’s why I put them at Camp Dularge. And about the color scheme . . . well . .. I was trying to be more design oriented since I don’t intend to repaint any time soon. Her colors do sound “divine” but I think I’m sticking with one main color throughout the house, including that bathroom. That color is Delta Fog. I used it at Camp Dularge, and I love it. I’m afraid pastels will show every little scuff mark they make on the walls and need repainting all too soon. But thanks all the same!! And I’ll still do white towels!!!

  5. What type flooring did you decide on? At one time you were kicking around the idea of using Bamboo. I’m astonished how much progress they made in a week’s time.

    P.S. Our boat still floats! We put it in Blind River yesterday since it hadn’t been run in soooooooooo long. (Hooking the hose up to it in the driveway doesn’t count.) Brought the Ultra lites with us. Actually caught 7 Bass, 1 Bream and 1 Sac-a -lait.
    None were “Keepers”, but it was nice to get out on the water for a couple of hours anyway.

    • Any kind of fishing sounds great right now! Glad y’all got out! The living area and master will be hardwood from recycled storm-felled red oak trees. In the bathrooms/utility room, I am looking at “fiber floor”, sheet flooring.

  6. It looks good! You got me hooked on Delta Fog but I couldn’t find it and ended up with Sea Salt for my new office. We’re off to the farm to mow. We have some lookers but still no sale. I really am working on our pictures to send you some.

    • HI Susie! Would LOVE to see pics. I failed to tell you that Delta Fog is an old Devoe paint, but have discovered Home Depot found it in their system and can copy it. Sea Salt sounds good, though. What brand is that? Good luck with the sale, and happy mowing!

  7. I am brilliant but modesty makes me shy. Heck every ‘camp’ I been too at least has a potty at ground level so a shower ain’t much of a stretch.

    I am a country white guy but my bathroom is light mint green but name escapes me.

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