I can see clearly now!

Front Porch Up

From the front porch, I can see “up the bayou” like this.  See the “swing” bridge?  Look closely!

Front Porch down and across

And if I turn and look down the bayou, I can see the highway going south and the bayou going south and the camps across the bayou.

Laurel and Hardy, as I lovingly call my carpenters, have been working long, hard days to help make Camp Dularge ready for visitors.  I am very grateful for their help.

Back deck view

This is the view from the back door of Camp Dularge.

Back deck

They are almost finished with the handrails now.

More photos coming soon!


This is starting to get exciting again!

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  1. I can see why you say you will be able to see the beautiful sunsets from the front porch. Laurel and Hardy are doing a great job. It all looks really good!

  2. you need to thin out the trees in back to see your wonderful neighbor behind you………………..R_S .. lol just kidding love what you have done to the place..cand wait to stay in it when you get all the remod done……

  3. Wendy,

    What a miracle. The sight lines are beautiful. When will Camp Dularge be ready to rent?

    With words and photos you have chronicled the journey from Rita, Road Home, FEMA, coastal erosion, Gustav, Ike. If anyone is asking the hard questions about hope and reality, you have provided proof that if one works hard enough, long enough and in enough DIFFERENT angles….eventually miracles still happen.

    However, we need to thank the Lord for his tender mercies…and someone said that a miracle is an opportunity you have been preparing for all your life. We have to be fully ready when that door opens.

    Wendy, you have given so much love to your family and your community and to coastal advocates from everywhere.

    I think this blog is actually the writing of your second book.

    People have said that families should not have to live on sticks up in the air but today’s post shows how beautiful the community looks from there..

    1. Lillian, you always have such a way with words. I wasn’t sure the photos could capture the essence of why bayou people continue to clean up and move back. I’m glad you can see that. And to me, you are the one who has worked tirelessly for wetland awareness for years without any recognition whatsoever. Thank you, Lillian.

      I hope it will be ready to rent in February.

    1. Hi Rebel! Been missing you! That is a beautiful old oak tree. Gustave broke some of her branches, which have turned brown and can now be reached by ladder to be trimmed. I guess I need to get that done—by someone else because ladders and I don’t get along!!!

  4. How absolutely beautiful! The house, the porch, the view, all of it! We are taking a long road trip this summer and keep trying to justify going through there!