I know what it's like to be old . . . . but only temporarily! — 3 Comments

  1. I will be looking forward to hearing about your echo cardiogram today! Hope all goes well.

    Waiting on results of last 2 tests. Maybe tomorrow!

  2. Wow! Bless your heart, that’s a lot of adjustment in such a short time! But, it’s only temporary! :- ) I hope all goes very well with all your tests and you’re relieved of both your pain and your worries this week.

    BTW, I’ve had to keep one of those little things for the past couple of years, starting when I was 36 or so. I know exactly what you mean about feeling that you had crossed a threshold. Having to start blood pressure medication sent me into a minor depression for a time! Hang in there!

    Oh girl, I definitely understand that D word! Thanks so much, Trish. How you doing?

  3. Sorry, but I for one am very glad your getting an echo today. With a family hx as you have, and as healthy as you have been, Heart disease can dangerously sneak up on you w/o warning. Its good to get a base line and check where your heart health is, perhaps setting up some changes…..That said….lol…while your taking meds at multiple times of the day….try using small containers (like the paper cups used for ketchup in diners), write the time to take the med in the bottom of the cup…fill each cup with the meds for that time..then stack them on top of each other…1st dose on top of stack, last dose ending on the bottom.(Its really not that complicated,,,,lol) Then…as you take your first dose…turn that cup over…the next dose will be now be on top of the stacks….now if there is still RX in that cup…you did NOT take them lol. If the cup is turned over…YEP, you took them…..Every night just refill them , restack them up & your ready for the next day.. Thats the method I use to teach patients BOTH young and old….
    Hang in there hon….hopefully this will all be temporary.


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