I see the good moon risin' — 2 Comments

  1. I heard that Native Americans call it the Wolf Moon. In New Orleans it’s known as the King Cake Moon. It’s the first full moon after Christmas, just past Jan. 6 (Little Christmas), and the start of Carnival season.

    Even without the tripod the pictures are breaththking!

    Thanks, Cuz, for the history lesson. I might just add that to the post so others can learn more, too!

  2. BTW, DID you go fishing?

    Yes, we did go fishing, but only fishing and not catching. The water was still too cold for the trout to bite this morning. It is possible that they bit this afternoon, though, because the sun shone on the lake all day. I just didn’t have the freedom to be there! It was great to be out on the water, anyway. It did WONDERFUL things for my state of mind.

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