I'm a thankful wimp. Evacuation continues. — 8 Comments

  1. I knew if that high pressure area up here held landfall would be less than I was hearing.

    I always say if your gonna be a wimp do it with running water and AC and up here heat is good too.

    I am itching to be fishing but that minor inconvenience is gonna make it wet here.

    Enjoy and rest up. I still think “bayou cleanup” is needed.

  2. God is good!!!! You are not a wimp. Time crawls when you are miserable. Thanks for the update. Awesome news! My parents evacuated and got back last night with no wind damage or power outage. My mom met a woman at a rest stop who rode out the storm in Ascension Parish. She was on her way to Houston (no power for her for at least 4 weeks).

  3. GOD IS GOOD!!! I am so glad to hear that you did not flood out – or loose anything! Dont forget that even when our faith is tested – God is faithful…. He will not test us more than we can bare and he knew how hard this was going to be for you. 🙂 Dont forget how much He loves us!!! **BIG HUGS** Glad that you could update, because I have been worried about you… even though you would be taken care of!! LOL

  4. God IS good!!!! and we are humbly grateful that all is well ” AC, electricity & flushing toilets are good too !! You…..a….whimp?? “blink”…..”blink”..emmm no way jose! You are a perfectly normal person who appreciates….a little less sweat, a little internet diversion, and a beautifully flushed can!!! Hope your back on da bayou real soon hon! Thanks for the update, been holding my breath.

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