I'm a thankful wimp. Evacuation continues.

TUES. Sept 2 The lake house to which we evacuated was plenty large enough for 12 people–all related–running from Hurricane Gustav. But it’s amazing how small that house became after 12 hours with no electricity and nothing but rain for 24 hours.  With temperatures rising and still no power, the natives were growing restless. With nothing but rain outside, there were no distractions. BigSis and some of her children left for a hotel room about 30 miles away. And then you know what I did the same night—left, too.

I’m now in the air-conditioned home of LilSis, and I have a confession to make: I am a thankful wimp.

TODAY WED. SEPT 3: Our friend, Mechanic, was allowed back down the bayou to repair a 911 generator, and he texted today to say both our houses look good. We did not flood. What? What? Say what?

The nearest city north of us suffered severe damage from high winds. Lots of downed trees and power lines. Lots of roofs torn off.

Dear friends, can I tell you what a miracle it is that our bayou did not flood? Can I tell you what a miracle it is that my two old houses appear undamaged? I am in awe. And I am very, very thankful.

When we left, I anticipated coming back to nothing. I was absolutely expecting the worst. Oh, me of little faith.

But your faiths held firm. You stood in the gap, and the internet newspaper actually stated that our bayou sustained LESS DAMAGE than all the surrounding areas.

Wow and amen.

Thank you from the bottom of my wimpy bayou heart for your prayers and positive words.


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  1. I knew if that high pressure area up here held landfall would be less than I was hearing.

    I always say if your gonna be a wimp do it with running water and AC and up here heat is good too.

    I am itching to be fishing but that minor inconvenience is gonna make it wet here.

    Enjoy and rest up. I still think “bayou cleanup” is needed.

  2. God is good!!!! You are not a wimp. Time crawls when you are miserable. Thanks for the update. Awesome news! My parents evacuated and got back last night with no wind damage or power outage. My mom met a woman at a rest stop who rode out the storm in Ascension Parish. She was on her way to Houston (no power for her for at least 4 weeks).

  3. GOD IS GOOD!!! I am so glad to hear that you did not flood out – or loose anything! Dont forget that even when our faith is tested – God is faithful…. He will not test us more than we can bare and he knew how hard this was going to be for you. 🙂 Dont forget how much He loves us!!! **BIG HUGS** Glad that you could update, because I have been worried about you… even though you would be taken care of!! LOL

  4. God IS good!!!! and we are humbly grateful that all is well ” AC, electricity & flushing toilets are good too !! You…..a….whimp?? “blink”…..”blink”..emmm no way jose! You are a perfectly normal person who appreciates….a little less sweat, a little internet diversion, and a beautifully flushed can!!! Hope your back on da bayou real soon hon! Thanks for the update, been holding my breath.