I'm back!

Okay, internet’s been down and since I don’t have a close neighbor where I can just hop over and jump on the net, we’ve  all had to suffer some withdrawals!!!

I came here first thing to check on y’all and make sure you hadn’t all deserted me!  Thanks, SweetM for keeping the porch light on!

I have to go right away and empty my email boxes before I can have fun with my blogging buddies.

As soon as I can, though, (Termite has a ball game tonight) I will post up something new and exciting.  Lots can happen in a week down the bayou!

See y’all soon!


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  1. whew…..sure glad you made it back hon, was getting worried about you….and about to run out of tea, but not gossip, nope, always plenty of gossip hanging round these ol southern porches…lol. Glad to keep your chair warm and your light on hon, you were certainly missed.