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  1. I’m not doing something “right” when fishing Decade. Y’all brought in more trout in 2 hrs. than we did fishing 5 hrs. on Wed. Thanksgiving Day my brother said it had been a long time since we had a fish fry, and we needed to do it soon. His not so subtle way of saying, you got some fish in your freezer and when are you going to cook them and call us to come eat. I’ll just have to try to get back down there in Dec. or Jan. since that’s when Decade is “hot”. It takes an awful lot of fish to feed my crew of 20 plus!

  2. I guess I need to go buy another vehicle so we can come try catch a few. Gotta give the loaner car back tonight so guess we need to get busy before y’all catch ’em all.

  3. Steffi – Well, I’ll say this as gently as I can. You have to hold your mouth just right! Seriously, though, not suggesting that you and hubby can’t fish, but it sometimes helps to go with a guide once to sort of learn the lake and maybe some baits and techniques particular to that lake and trout this time of year. And sometimes, as you well know, it’s just sheer luck. We had to move to three spots this a.m. before we found a few, and then we had to drift and double back on the same drift pattern a few times before the hard rain and lightning chased us home. I’d be glad to exchange that tour you won last year for a fishing trip on my boat instead!!!

    Rebel – Don’t be jealous! Just come on down!

    RenRed – I’ll leave the porch light on for ya!! Come on, it’s time to fish some trout. The colder, the better! How’s that leg?

    Shopped till my legs fell off, rolled myself home, propped myself up at the stove and cooked shrimp jambalaya for supper. Good night all.


  4. Thanks for the trout fishing story. Since I live so far away, I will rely on your fishing stories and writing talent for now. Maybe someday!

  5. Hoping they don’t need me through the holidays. I’ll run back down if ice fishing ain’t booming. I ran into that rain about Mile Marker 50 headed north on I-55 in Mississippi. Pastures were awash and cows were wading.

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