I'm so glad I'm not a woodpecker! — 9 Comments

  1. You’re a wonder Mommer! 😉

    To Wonder Daughter from Wonder Mommer: Thanks for not correcting my verb tense mistakes in above post. I was very, very tired.

  2. Is it just me or can anyone else not see BW’s photos? Earlier I could see the first two but now none of them are available. What’s up with that?

    Still have the problem?

  3. Now I can’t see my own photos. What’s going on? I can see them when I go to “edit”, but I can’t see them live. I have no idea, but I can’t fix it right now. I have to get back to the Cypress Cottage and see what my guests are up to! We worked hard today!

  4. Sounds like you’re working yourself to the bone! It is worth it. Can’t wait to see the final project. Great pictures of the downy.

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