I'm too pooped to type . . .

so here’s a photo for you to study and someone please tell me what these delightful green (my favorite color) creatures are!


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  1. Well, if they’re snails and they’re in cajun/french territory……they’re soon to be “escargo”. Ha Ha!

    LOL, Steph!!!

  2. Marsh periwinkle (Littoraria irrorata)

    Oh, you get an A+. You should have been a biologist, Ash!!!

  3. Periwinkles, the spiral-shelled saltwater snails that have been damagning our coastal marshlands… that you keep me learning!!!!
    as far as butter, garlic and wine…I’m pretty open to trying new things…and at your house I would be polite enough to at least try them…but ewwww…Can’t see me ordering them from any resturant………….shuddering at the thought as I search for a tums…..
    Deb in TX

    One day, I’ll have a post about the first time I ate one almost 30 years ago!!! And it was the last time, too! I would be open to trying Choup’s snails, though!! Well, maybe just once!