ISHI – The Real Story!

Since I am still without internet and my readers seem to be dropping like flies, PLEASE go take a look at the post LilSis aka Heather Here made about the story of the puppy rescue!!!  You will find it interesting, entertaining, and heart warming! 

I should have internet service by the end of the week, and when I come back from the Grand Isle Ladies Fishing Rodeo and the LOWA Banquet, I will hopefully have some fun things to share with you.

I am trying to put aside all the realities of post hurricane recovery and have some time off this weekend.  Wish me luck, everyone!!!

Meanwhile, enjoy Heather’s post!!!


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  1. Take a big goood deep breath of that air for me while your out there fishing! You deserve and NEED this fishing for your body, mind and soul!!!!
    Your readers haven’t gave up on you. They’ll be popping up soon as you get back to the next phase of your life. This was just another detour even though it was so devastating. There is still a good life and many Blessings to come to you and yours.

  2. Thanks all, but now I am just ANGRY again! Charter Communications just called and said my internet will not be fixed until possibly November 15th. What will I do now?

  3. Nope, not dropping like a fly!! Check in every day to see how you are getting along. I’m just so sorry that this happened to you and all the others that were damaged by the storm.

    Joan S.

  4. I keep watch on you from my blog, BW, as a blog I follow. I can see immediately if you have a new post. Hang in there re the internet. Mine was down for a motnh for no reason at all once, so I know the frustration you’re feeling.

  5. Good luck at the Banquet and fishing! Kick back and have a few refreshments while you’re at it.

    My heart weeps for you having no internet untill Nov. 15th. After Katrina mine was out for 5 months. Lets hope they’ve gotten better at repairs since then. Maybe they’ll surprise you and get there sooner. Well, I can hope!

  6. you are going to hang in there, thats what your gonna do…and continue to work with what you got. and perhaps, the Man upstairs will show mercy and give the good bayou ppl a break…and possibly internet too….sorry to post erratically, me still have no phone or internet service either…will continue to send you possitive and supportive wishes. Go fishing will ya…sheeZ…you and the boys need to get your toes wet..will soothe all of you….good luck hon…

  7. Change servers if you can. We “Bundle” our phone (land), cable, and internet service through our phone company. Didn’t you say you have a land line now? Just don’t worry about it till next week. You’ve got other things to concentrate on, like FISHING! I’d be there with you if I didn’t have grandparent duty. We’re babysitting Fri. night and a (grandson’s) birthday party on Sat. Have fun!!!!! DON”T WORRY, BE HAPPY! Oh no, that song is in my head now. It will be there all night.

  8. I know I check this blog everyday. I don’t think anyone is dropping out. We’re patiently waiting! Good luck fishing and I can’t wait to hear the news from this weekend!


  9. I wont leave, just wishing I could be with you.. 🙂 Can you get regular mail – snail mail? ya know the pony express kind!! LOL

  10. Glad you are taking a break from the home recovery and enjoying some mental/emotional/physical recover.

    Now go catch some fish!! . . .And win the grand prize!

  11. if you have a cell phone, you may be able to get wireless internet through them….if the cell towers are working down there….Thats what Im looking into, since the landlord and I are not on the same page…heck..we arent even reading the same dang book….HE repaired my siding…HE broke my phone line…HE SHOULD repair it…right?? or am I all sorts of wet/lost/dumbfungled on this one….
    Sure hope the next sound we hear is a big ole whoopie for landing a big one!!!! Keep on casting hon!
    and you havent lost me either…… ; )

  12. Still here… I just didn’t check in as often since you said that the 15th was the earliest you’d have internet again.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend that is thoroughly distracting! :0)

  13. Hello folkses! I am, once again, at a friend’s computer paying bills, etc. and y’all are something else!!! Heather Here is back down again, with ISHI in tow, and we are trying to make ourselves get something done today so we can play tomorrow. We will fish Friday afternoon and see how things go. And Deb – I would love to have internet on a Crackberry!! A friend came to visit and she got all her emails in my house right there on her little phone! I just might have to go to that because I’m about to take up smoking, or drinking or nail biting because of the withdrawals I’m having!!! I am definitely an internet junkie!! I miss reading all your blogs and your emails! Thanks for hanging in there with me, and I will go somewhere on Sunday or Monday and make a super good post about the weekend, ok?
    Love to all of you and hugging you back!!! And, Blu, please send DCCDC’s as soon as possible to 1917 BDL Road!!!! That should take care of the withdrawals!! Yes, Heidi, I am getting snail mail. Where’s that package?????!!!!!

  14. I am headed to the DCCDC store tomorrow I’ll check. My local walmart has real hi dolar hershey’s similars but not tried. Even pomogranite.

    Yeah buddy you and Tag can be crack fiends, I am considering it as Darthboy loves his qwerty keypad.

  15. I refuse to believe that my Mommer will have a Crackberry before I do! (“Crackberry”… that sort of reminds me of some sort of really expensive wheat bread.) I’ve heard they’re impossible to live without, even though I’ve been surviving for the past 9 years of my cell phone life. If you get one, just don’t get red. Everybody has red. And hey! If you get one, we can do Blackberry chat!

  16. Happy Saturday, all. These comments have me as excited as a kid on Christmas morning!

    Steffi – Forgot to tell you that Charter has the monoply on high speed internet down the bayou. Bellsouth DSL has not reached us yet, and I refuse to go back to dialup. No way! So, no bundling down the bayou.

    Oh, and Friday was NOT the best day of fishing. Since neither Heather nor I caught anything worth writing home about, we will not be traveling to GI today. After we leave these library computers, we are setting our hats on getting ready for the big banquet tonight!

    Rach – You just challenged me and since I never got the laptop Dad promised for my birthday, I think I might just see if he can empty his pockets and get me a Crackberry! Yea, Steph K. has a red one!! I love RED!

    Blu- Bring ’em on baby! So, Darth does Crack? LOL!

    Kim – I got my reading glasses ready, girlfriend!

    Heidi – Now that I’m feeling “devilishy greedy” . . . . .

  17. Turned out no repack. 4 airbags and good to go. Hope it still rattles when you get them. Priority mail so should not sit too long anywhere warm.

    You forgot how to fish? That is serious. I can do an intervention next month.

  18. Blu – I never said I forgot how to fish! Friday just wasn’t the day for HUGE fish of any kind!!! Full post later . . . and the package arrived yesterday and they still rattle!!! Mmmmmm. They are soooooo good! Thanks a bunch, but II was not expecting two containers of them, though!! You must want something!!!

  19. Some Camiilla sp? red beans maybe. Or maybe not. Might just poke around the Du one day soon though.

    And I think these DCCDC’s are better than ever.