Isn't she lovely?


I played Jo the plumber today. Remember her from that old TV show, “Green Acres”?

And it works!


I don’t think I was ever so happy to see fire in my life!

Go girl power! Oh, and the muscles of my 20-year-old-son, who helped me hoist it into the closet and manhandle all the other heavy work. Thanks Dano!

Now, for that loooooooong hot bath in my own little clawfoot tub!mybathroom.jpg

I designed my little get away, refinished the old rusty tub that cost $50, installed it, the pedestal sink and all the fixtures. I installed the light above the mirror and the ceiling light and the toilet. I painted the walls, the ceiling and put down the floor tiles. I even did all the plumbing underneath the house too—incoming hot and cold water, and all drain pipes—including the yucky ones!!! The only thing I didn’t do was put up the drywall and the bead board wainscot.

Now, I have every right to say, “Sorry, no boys allowed!”

And believe me, I mean it!!!  (That’s because there are 5 of them and one of me!)

This little room is decorated with lots of goodies that all have a story to tell if only they could talk! Too bad you can’t get a closeup, huh?

The grapevine wreath that wraps around the light was made about 20 years ago from the first pruning of my first scuppernong vine at my first house in Dulac. Sentimental much?

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  1. Oh, my! She’s a beauty for sure. Can you get money back from your electric company for having an Energy Saver? My local electric company gives out rebates if you bring them the sales reciept.

    Anyway, I’m sooo happy y’all have hot water again. Congrats Jo on another job well done. I remember her. She was a hoot!

    Don’t know about the money back thing. I’ll have to go see. Thanks!

  2. Inquiring readers might want to know why that No Boys Allowed rule is so important. Let them know you weren’t talking one or two boys, but FIVE!

  3. She’s telling the truth about “no boys allowed”. I tried to go in there a few years ago and got hollered at pretty good. Did you sweat the pipes in or use compression fittings?

    Did I really holler at you?!!!! Red, don’t me talking to me about sweating pipes and compression fittings!!! I did it the girl way, and it works just fine!

  4. I join the others in your joyous celebration of a job WELL done!!! I am so proud of you, you rawk!!! sister-friend~~~And Im with ya on that no boys allowed thing, yet I only have one bathroom….but I can dream…I can dream…..Im d r e a m i n g………….ahhhh.
    Deb in TX

  5. if you want some bathroom furniture with your clawfoot tub, theres a lot to choose from in Dream Bath International, only if you like antique furnitures or victorian style bathroom.

    Keith, I am currently in a renovation of an 80 year old bathroom, so thanks or the tip. I’ll go check it out.Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. BW