Isn't "Azalea" amazing?

Before the blooms of the winter flowering bulbs have completely faded, the faithful Azalea graces us with her abundant blooms, no matter what the weather. This one is near the front porch of The Cypress House.

I’m not sure of her name, but this particular type is very popular down here and grows almost as tall as a house. They are absolutely gorgeous right now. Enjoy!


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  1. Boy, do you have me homesick now! I haven’t missed an azalea bloom in 30 years. Spring in LA is the best time of the year.

    I’m sorry! They are so gorgeous, though!

  2. Those are good old-fashioned Formosa azaleas. They can be spotted all over the south, growing and blooming like bright petticoats around house foundations and trees. Just beautiful but the blooming period is so short-lived. But so glorious!

    Thanks or naming them, Patricia!

  3. oh how I remember driving up Fairfield Ave in Shreveport and seeing that (now old fashioned) variety of azaleas as tall as the 1st story roof tops on those beautiful estate homes…..they were spectacular. Now everyone has those little dinky dwarf types….sorry, I know they are pretty, but never as breathtaking as a “wall” of large welcoming blossoms eagerly announcing spring is HERE!!! Thanks for that georgous shot and trip down memory lane…………
    Deb in TX

  4. sorry to doubledip…but I also remembered when I was in nursing school & living on Dudley/Highland with a bunch of medstudents James (a toddler) was enthralled with azaleas.. He absolutely could not pass by those large, bright blooms without literally “embracing” them. It was so sweet, yet challenging, for he would NOT budge until he got his fill of appreciating those graceful pink sirens…………….I just had to learn to leave earlier…………….lol.
    Deb the double dipper in TX

    I always love your comments.!!! You really take me back, Deb. My mom used to make a special trip out to Fairfield just to see the Azaleas in bloom!