It seems like yesterday . . .

that my daughter was born. In 1982 there weren’t many women having “natural” childbirth. Even though I wasn’t taking any drugs for the pain, I still had to birth her on a cold, hard, surgical table. Birthing Rooms or Labor/Delivery/Recovery Rooms weren’t thought of yet. In spite of that, it was a great experience.

They wheeled me in during active labor past an expectant couple playing cards on her bed. She had an epi-dural and was feeling no pain. Less than three hours later, my beautiful baby girl was born, and my soon-to-be roommate was wondering how I had my baby so fast and why she was still laboring.

The first time they brought DoVi to me, my heart was captured. I lay her back on a pillow I bought from home so I could get a good look at her. I’ll never forget that tiny face as she looked up at me–those dark eyes so intent on my face. She was the most perfect thing I had ever seen.

She has grown from

a precious and precocious child . . .

into an amazingly warm, talented, and beautiful woman with those same deep, dark eyes.

I wish my DoVi many years of happiness married to her marvelous Muzicman.

I love you, DoVi.


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  1. I remember the name ‘DoVi’ from years back. It does bring a tear to my eye when you talk so lovingly of her. Does that name mean anything in particular?

    That is her middle name, and yes it does mean something special. The “Do” is from Donna, my mother; and the “Vi” is from Vivian, my paternal grandmother and also DoVi’s paternal grandmother. Make sense?

  2. You bring me to tears……is this how it feels when your daughter is getting married? I can feel the love.