It's a dirty job!

But somebody’s gotta do it!

My first plan for the dirty job was to dig a pond out in the marshy regions of the back of our property and use our own dirt for the sub-foundation. But, as I knew was the case, the ground is way too soft back there for the dump trucks to get out loaded down with dirt. And what’s more, it’s so overgrown that someone would have to blaze a trail first.  So, my only other option was to bring in dirt now while the home site is hard and not saturated from rain.  It’s been unseasonably dry here, but once it rains good and hard, those heavy dump trucks won’t be able to drive in the yard without sinking.   (I’m not sure what the ground will be like when the concrete trucks come. We might have to rent a pump and hose to move the concrete from the truck onto the home site. We’ll do what we have to when the time comes. )

The new house will be built behind where the current house is. The ground slopes down toward the back of the property and needs to be leveled off. A couple years ago, we had several trees cut down and the stumps ground up, which left a couple small craters to be filled in.

So, bring on the dirt, baby!

Dump Truck

First dirt loadLook how wild the back of our property is.  It will be like living in a tree house!   See the man in the above photo?   That’s Rev–the man whose concrete crew saved the day by redoing the concrete slab under Camp Dularge at half the labor cost.

Dump Trucks

One by one the dump trucks filed into the backyard, dropped their dirt, and

Trucks leaving

left the same way they came to go get more dirt from the “dirt pit”, which is just crazy. In an area where there isn’t much land to start with, I have to wonder how anyone can spare this much dirt?

Dirt and Bobcat

Rev’s nephew is in that Bobcat moving all that new dirt around. I was a little doubtful that he could move it much since it was so wet. I was also a little concerned that this dirt had more clay in it than I would like to see. As it dries, Rev assured me it will be just fine. We shall see.

I feel, at this point, that I need to find a witty way to sign off each of these building installments like they do on This Old House., except it’s This New House!  I’ll be working on that, okay?

Until next time,


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  1. Wow! You have a lot of work ahead of you. I know you’re excited to get this house built!

    1. Kim, it’s been a dream for a long time and little by little I can see it coming together. I also dreamed of a pond out back and walking bird trails throughout with a bench here and there, and corn feeders for deer, coons, and rabbit. Hopefully there will be no more storms causing damage here and I can live out the rest of my life in peace on my 3 acres in the marsh.

  2. I wish I would have known you were moving dirt. I could have saved you some money. I would have brought the grandkids over and given them a spoon. They would have leveled it in no time! LOL

    1. Darn, that would have been great!! There will be plenty more volunteer opportunities, my dear, believe me!!! Got your WATTS tool belt ready? I might find a place for your camper if you do!!!

    1. Great fish pics but I really like it better when you speak plain English! Hey, I wanted to pump out the bayou but the Army Corp said NO WAY!!!