I've said it before . . .

and I’ll say it again (at least once) . .

‎”Oh, a wondrous bird is the pelican!
His bill holds more than his belican.
He can take in his beak
Enough food for a week.
But I’m darned if I know how the helican.”



PS:  Mr. and Mrs. Painted Bunting are still hanging out in my palmetto bushes this evening!


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  1. Saw a blue heron trying to do a pelican move today.
    Ended up deeper than its feet.

    3 ospreys today. And beezillions of geese.

  2. When we were in Grand Isle a few weeks ago, we saw something we’d never seen before. Dozens of Pelicans lined up on a power line going through the Marsh. It was a very strange sight. BW, have you ever seen them on power lines?
    I do enjoy watching Pelicans feed. I get tickled when they dive. They aren’t the most graceful birds.

    1. Steffi – I have NOT seen them do that. Makes you wonder if the oil spill still has some of them a little “spooked” about where they can land and roost????

  3. I used to think that pelicans weren’t graceful birds but the more I watch them, the more I realized how graceful they really are. They are kind of like ballet dancers with a big nose or something true but love watching them sail over the water.

    Lucky you on the painted buntings still hanging around!

  4. I love your jingle/poem. How in the world do pelicans balance on power lines with webbed feet? They are webbed, right?

    Our birds all seem to have left for the year. I haven’t seen my little doves that came out daily for the cracked pecans I would put on the edge of our side street. And, even the sparrows and blackbirds are scarce. Very unusual. We do have chimney swallows across the street since my chimney is covered with a thick screen. The house next door had 3 humongous chimneys until last month that they nested in. They reroofed and removed those gorgeous chimneys. I had the fun of explaining how Santa was going to bring gifts to anyone over there to the youngest two grandkids. LOL. I am so thankful they don’t know those vent pipes sticking up are part of the whole sewer system.

      1. The Hummers must all be headed your way. I haven’t seen any Hummers since Wednesday. Actually, I saw only one on that day. All the Red throats had already left.

        1. Took two boys fishing for the local rodeo today. Fishing again tomorrow so they can hopefully get some fish on the board. When I weighed my “sea cat” in, I knocked the guy out of first place!!! His weighed 3.5 and mine weighed 5.5!!!

    1. We are in full swing with bird migration here in southwest NM. All the summer residents have left and all the winter ones are moving in. I saw my first flock of juncos a few days ago and the flocks of sparrows are here.

  5. Oh think of the slime? Throw the net away? Weather too weird here for good bite 40 deg temp swings.

    Geaux Tigers

  6. One of the little towns here has what they call a Pelican Path – statues of pelicans dressed in everything from ship captain uniforms to touristy floral shirts. Just funny, and more appealing than you might think.

    I love the pelican poem – it’s one of the first ones my dad taught me, although he misattributed it to Ogden Nash and it took me decades to find out some dude named Dixon Lanier Merritt wrote it. But when I see the first white pelicans wheeling in from the north, it always comes to mind.

    There’s one flock of the white that hang out at the edge of Galveston bay where the docks have falled apart – about 50 of them, and one pelican per piling! I just can’t imagine them on wires – neat trick, but it feels painful when I think about it…