K & G King Cake Bath Bomb and Candle WINNER! — 12 Comments

    • And I swear I would absolutely love for you to come. I would even set up a story telling time at my little library if you want to make it a business trip, too! Just let me know. We could sure stir up some fun!

  1. Congratulations Steff! I tried to pass on the info by posting your site on Facebook. I was really hoping you would get some new readers.

    • I guess I’d have to give away a camera or a new car or something, right? Thanks for the help, anyway, though. I love my little blogging family as it is! I hope things are getting a bit easier in your life. That it’s just life, right? And we know what the alternative is . . . .

      • I also have a 90th Anniversary Limited Edition Community Coffee travel cup that I won on one of BW’s “giveaways”, a BW swamp photo AND a tour (never have been able to do it though). Needless to say, I’ve followed this blog since BW started it. Help me here BW. How long have you been writing this blog?

        • Since 2007 I do believe!!! Also, I’m not using that old Hotmail account. So, if you sent address there, I won’t see it. Send it to me through this site or find my gmail account in your box somewhere!!!

  2. I love this blog. Lots of info by someone who knows what they are talking about. Newspapers, magazines, media, etc. usually only show one side of things. Wendy, you show both sides and all the aspects leading to those sides.
    Keep it up. I don’t have to win anything to enjoy it. But I did win an adorable Community Coffee cup set that my granddaughter got for her hope chest and my grandson won the book, Before the Saltwater Came. Which by the way, his 1 12 year old nephew gets to have read to him now.

    • I LOVE your comment, Cammy. And I truly love that the book is being read over and over! Pst! Wanna know a secret? I have another book coming out soon . . . . and you heard it first!!! Thank you so much for your kind words. Sometimes it’s hard to decide what I want to post, and I don’t have as much free time as when I first started the blog (I have to bring home the bacon now, ya know?), but my heart is still in it, and so I really appreciate you sticking around. Give Mom a hug for me, as I know it’s hard times right now . . . . I think about y’all often.

  3. Well done, Steffi. Always great when the loyal readers get a little lagniappe…o’ course, this site is a gift in itself – we’re all lucky to share in Capt. Wendy’s adventures!

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