King Cake Coffee Winner — 17 Comments

  1. Sure feed alcohol to the drunks and sugar to the diabetics.
    Sure send it up I’ll swap you something interesting if my project gets moving soon.

    And thanks to all the little people that make my life better.

    • Okay, smarty! I don’t think there’s any sugar in this coffee. I forgot something . . . you have a choice: whole bean, auto drip, cold drip, electric percolator, espresso, turkish grind. So which do you want?

    • Hiya! I’m going to purchase the coffee here in Houma. If you would rather a different type than King Cake, my feelings won’t be hurt. I’d rather send you something you might like. So, please visit PJ’s website and let me know. I’ll be going later this week to get your pick and send it off.

  2. Goodness. I’ve missed a bit. I haven’t been online much, as I went to the library about a week and a half ago. When I’ve got unread books in the house, pretty much everything else gets shoved aside.

    Congratulations, Blu! Well done. Sit back and enjoy that coffee.

    • Blu, I think it taste like burnt liver and onions (didn’t you mention you don’t care for that). So, BW, I guess you’d better sent it to me.

  3. LOL….. This is funny, were I live hunting season is mostly fall into the winter, rabbits, birds, squirrels, deer, etc etc…. Season is really about over, unless I am mistaken on everything is nearly over. Spring most definitely is not a hunting season because the wittle animals are out refilling the hunting stock.

    Today, the end of February, I get my new LLBean “Hunting Catalog”, would you say 6 months late or 5 months early?

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