Kustatan River Flyout . . . the Teaser — 14 Comments

    • And thank you for reading, Terry! So good seeing you and Carol last weekend. I think she gets younger and prettier every time I see her!!! But you’re still a big hairy bear, LOL! (Reference your black bear FB post!)

  1. What a beautiful place! My brother and sil took a cruise to Alaska several years ago and they said it was paradise. Love the photos. The eagle was so majestic.

  2. I have been to Alaska so know how wonderful it is. I’m so glad you took the jump to go there yourself. It looks like you had a fantastic trip. I hope you’ll take another jump when possible and come out and visit me in the desert!

    • I still want to do that but I’d like to hike with you in the rocks and canyons or the desert when I won’t die of heat, LOL!!!!!

  3. I spent a year in Alaska when I was in the Air Force. Seen some marvelous sights while flying all over the state from Anchorage to the Arctic circle. Wish i could go back but temperatures down to 45 below is too much for this South Louisiana born and bred native!

    • Hi John! Well, you could always go in the summertime like I did! How marvelous being stations there for a year! I didn’t go any further north than where I landed in Anchorage but would certainly love to see more of that state (I almost said country! LOL) Thanks for stopping by. Have we met? BW

  4. Since y’all were n a sandbar known for Bear
    and moose there, did y’all’s Guide have a firearm?
    Seems like all the tv programs about Alaska have people who carry.

    • Well, THAT is a really good question and not one I even though to ask. I’ll ask the famous Martha Spencer if she knows . . . .Hey Martha?????

  5. I’m almost sure I heard someone on our hunting and fishing show talking about that accident you mentioned. He had been scheduled to go to Alaska for a fishing trip, but had to delay it, and then discovered his guide had been killed in an accident. He mentioned that the guide was well-known and accomplished. I’ll have to go back to the podcasts and see if I can find more. It’s always distressing to hear about things like that happening.

    I just heard a report this week about black bear numbers increasing in both Louisiana and Texas. Granted, they’re not grizzlies, but it’s still fun to think we might have our own bears, too. It was nice to see the fireweed, too. A friend in Montana says that’s one of the first plants that comes back after a fire: hence, the name.

    I thought about living in Alaska when I was there; it seemed like such a good idea. Then, I thought about the fact that I can get out of the way of a hurricane. It’s harder to get out of the way of winter!

    • This seaplane guide is from Lafitte, lived and worked there as a guide. So, I’m not sure it’s the same story. His seaplane trips were not far from Lafitte. Yes, our Louisiana species of black bear was de-listed a couple years ago, but I fear there is chatter about reinstating a black bear hunting season here. I think it’s way too soon for that. I have a friend who drives to Tensas wildlife refuge and sees black bear there from time to time. I haven’t see one yet, but I’d really like to. Thinking about taking a ride with him and his wife later this fall.

      • Yes, it was Theophile Bourgeois they were talking about. Two stories got conflated: one about Mr. Bourgeois’s death, and one about a seaplane trip in Alaska. One of the fellows who mentioned him is a fishing guide in Venice. We get regular reports from several guides in Louisiana, which always make me think of you.

        • Linda, I recently judged some radio shows from a Florida radio station . . . and outdoors talk show, and it made me think of you and your telling me about the show you listen to down in TX!!! Don Dubuc did a four-hour in-studio tribute to Theophile this morning. Very good show, and at the end, Theo’s partner, Ginger, announced that the US Coast Guard had awarded him the Gold Lifesaving medal, the highest civilian award. His two passengers survived the crash, but yesterday the news announced that they had given up the search for his plane. I’m not sure why they can’t find it . . . . but the radio show this morning was a wonderful memorial tribute to his life.

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