Lawd, Lawd!

Unusual title, I know, but spring has sprung in more ways than one!  I love y’all so much that I’m sitting here trying to keep my word about finishing this post, even though today was the first day of the Prothonotary Warbler Project, and not only did I haul the boat an hour to and from the site, I spent five hours working on the water, and I’m plum tuckered out.  When I arrived back at the landing and stood up to climb out of the boat, my back said, “HEY LADY, OUCH!”   ‘Nuff said about that.  That’s what Ibuprofen’s for, plus I’m happy to have the work.  

Today we saw lots of gators and turtles sunning harmoniously on logs, which surprised me since alligators are known to crunch down on a turtle snack now and then.  One gator almost had its head resting on top of the turtle’s shell.  Aw, how sweet was my first thought . . . and then I thought maybe I had a touch of sun stroke!  Can you believe what a gorgeous day?  Day started off sunny and 43, and brr that’s cold on the water.  More sunshine and a high of 65.  Only thing I suffer is a little wind burn on the face and chapped lips.  

We spent the day putting predator guards on the poles below the nest boxes, and Natalie cleaned all the spiders, dirt daubers, and wasp nests out of the uninhabited boxes in preparation for the male prothonotaries to start nest building before their wives arrive.  How thoughtful!  One out of 30 nest boxes already had a little nesting material started, so we sat and listened for the distinct call.  Yep, we heard him.  Nat was super excited because it’s a couple weeks early for their arrival.  We’re hoping to see if any of the females we banded last year return to the same boxes, or if any of the female babies we banded return to the box in which she was born.  Today we saw eagles, osprey, yellow rump warbler, red-winged black birds, fish crows, American crows, barred owl, and the usual herons/egrets.  We heard northern parulla, white-eyed vireo, chicadees, red-shoulder hawk, tufted titmouse, and Carolina wrens.  Speaking of, one box was filled to the top with nesting material and nestled inside were five lovely little beige-brown speckled eggs belonging to the Carolina wren.  Although they’re not part of this study, Nat left the nest and eggs because this is a native La. bird.  Oh, and we saw one water snake sunning on a branch.  

The camp is starting to book up for peak season.  I’m not sure how I’m going to be on the water two days a week, babysit two days a week, and still get the camp cleaned between 3 and 5 p.m.  Fortunately, Miah’s sitter cleans houses half a day most days of the week and is more than willing to help me out in a pinch.  I’m so very grateful for her.


In January, Termite and Coco were married one entire year! A few weeks ago, they announced at a big family crawfish boil that they’re expecting a baby in August. This past Sunday was the “reveal” party; hence the cake saying, “We are here for the sex!”  Yeah, I nearly fell over when I first read it!   By the way, it was Chantilly berry; mine and Coco’s very favorite cake in the whole wide world. So, brown balloons that looked like comical “deer heads” were attached to a sheet of plywood, and these two were supposed to take turns shooting BBs at the balloons. Well, the balloons were too tough for the BBs, so they resorted to stabbing the balloons with a pocket knife. You’ll notice that they are both wearing blue shirts, plus Coco had blue fingernails and toenails. My vote was boy. Dotter and Bibby voted for girl, as did Coco’s mom. Turns out, those two were in the minority, and they were CORRECT!  So, my first little grand daughter, Bibby, will have a little girl cousin to play with! We are all super excited.  

Can y’all believe Termite is going to be a daddy? If you’re new here, just do a search within this blog for the word “Termite” and read about some of his antics over the years. Been writing this blog for 11 years, so he was 11 when I started it!  

And lastly, a few weeks ago, there was a rare bass fishing trip with my oldest son, Daboo.  Beautiful day to be on the water, resulting in 7 nice bass.

Be back as soon as I can,



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  1. These photos are tempting. Due to the passing last Friday of my beloved kitty, Miss Dixie Rose, my life had changed considerably. I’m still a little stunned and grieving, but, on the other hand… there will be some aspects of her absence that will be good. For one thing, hurricane evacs will be simpler. For another? No need to pay a kitty sitter when I’m gone, and less worry when I am away from home. I may actually make it over that way this year.

    Now… I’m awaiting the rest of this!

    1. I’m so very sorry to hear about your Miss Dixie Rose. I understand looking on the positive side in order to disburse the grief. Also, I’m sorry I haven’t been keeping up. Just so many hours in the day, and by suppertime, I’m ready to skip straight to bed time. I really hope you can make it down this year. That would be grand!

    1. Ha ha ha! That really made me laugh. Hey, if you read the updated post, the cake shocked me, too, even though I knew why we were at this “reveal” party!!! I’ve added photos, too, so I hope you get the chance to come back and have a looksee!

    1. Yep, well, well! My little boy MUST grow up all the way now! He’s going to be a daddy. I still can’t wrap my head around it!

    1. Yes, and I’m learning now that grandchildren are blessings of a different sort, although a good kind! Bibby has slowly wormed her way into my new grandmother’s heart, and I’m loving the time I spend with her every week.

  2. Congratulations Wendy! Those little ones are special and grandparents are supposed to spoil them rotten. (That’s what the grandkids tell me). 🙂
    And at the end of this month, we will have all sorts of time to do just that. Hubby was forced into retirement which he has been saying he was going to do for 2 years. It’s a sure thing now though. We started off by taking 2 of the grands to the park today to enjoy the beautiful weather. I too have chapped checks and lips from the wind.

    I have a new bird nesting on our porch columns that I’ve never seen before. I’ve tried to get a photo but, no luck yet. It is grey, small and has a red top of the head and a red bib. It is beautiful but very skittish.

    1. Without looking it up, I wonder if it’s a Carolina Wren? They like to make their nests in things around the house/porch, like empty flower pots, baskets, etc. Look it up and see if it fits. They have a very pretty, but LOUD call! Grandmotherhood is growing on me, Cam. When I first started babysitting, it was with a little ambivalence since I have not held an infant since Termite, which was 22 years ago! Hard to imagine. My, my how time flies! Thanks for still being here after all this time, and I hope you and hubby get to enjoy many years of retirement together!

  3. I don’t know if I’m more excited that there will be another little girl in the family, or that I finally guessed a baby‘s gender correctly!