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  1. I make the same recipe (you use small ones?) except for the boiling part. I find the beans release there hull at this point. I don’t like hulls swimming around so I simmer them (no boiling, ever) on a low fire. BTW I love bacon grease……just a little bit goes a long way. Heart healthy….not. But yummy and can’t be replaced in flavor.

  2. Well, Heather, I’ll just have to work on a pronunciation guide, won’t I?

    Tabasco? Ah yes, I should have the bottle sitting right next to the plate!!! We add our favorite hot sauce to the beans right before we eat them!

    Yes, Kaye, these are the small navy (peas) beans. We often find them locally grown sold in the grocery stores, but I used a package brand for the sake of those who can’t get them locally.

  3. The Yankee spin on this cajun treat. My German ancestry is swampland,
    my metaphysical aura recharges there so….

    Miss healthy Du as I say not as I Du, shame on you darling.

    OK now the spin.

    I use Goya Cannellini beans also known as Alubias also as white kidney
    beans. Internet searching will find that they have an enzyme thing the inhibits glucose absorption. Healthy boogers anyway.

    I use a bit of real ham and and a bit of Savoy Andouille. Brown in pan with bunch of parsley (healthy stuff 2) then onions and celery and garlic maybe some green pepper then black pepper and Crystal to taste. If little too runny I toss in some rice.

    Stuff rocks so the sacaulait get released and I eat this.

  4. I got to cook me some of these beans soon. We love beans.. Hope the method for less gas works ! LOL

    Welcome to the site, Doris! Good luck with your bean cooking and gas testing! Please come back soon!

  5. Ok. Got some bean questions and figure this is as good a pot as any to stir.

    First, where is your red bean recipe?

    Second, maybe this is a dark secret or maybe it is me but….
    About a third of the time I make beans which tradition says are better second day, the second day they have developed a smell I can’t handle. Is it the beans or the aromatics like garlic? Very confused as they seem good first day.

  6. First off, I have not posted a red bean recipe, but you can’t mess them up. Buy the bag, read the directions, add the proper seasonings and “boil baby boil”!!

    If you don’t throw out the first boiling water, put fresh water and boil again, then the smell will be strong the second day. That is a Bayou Chef secret!!!

  7. That is pretty much how my Mom used to make them, as did my grandma too I believe. Clint likes to use the potato masher to make them creamy but I just use the spoon!

  8. Oh yum! This looks delicious. And simple too. I’ve made white beans before but this recipe is a little different. Got to give it a try.

    I usually use a hambone–is that something you do too?

    • No hambone, Sue, because that gives a different taste. In the original recipe, my mother-in-law used “salt meat”. First she boiled it, then she fried it, and then she added to it to the beans to boil until soft. That’s a different taste altogether, though from the same animal! My husband has gotten used to “no salt meat” over the years and has settled for the subtle flavor from the bacon grease.

  9. I think I’ll be doing red beans n rice ala Sara Roahen tonight.
    Writer of Gumbo Tales and recent mom and blogger too.

    O yeah got me a nice 17 plus saugeye gonna hit the skillet too.
    Cold n rainy here. They are biting.

  10. I’m all for recycling, but I want to see something new too. Oh, I guess we’ll have to forgive you ! We know you’re still playing surgeon/nurse to the kitten. How’s he doing? I showed Hubby yesterdays post. He said the same thing I did. Never heard of a Botfly and then we see it twice in a matter of weeks.

  11. BW, I cut all big juicy oysters in half before cooking them. It’s me, it’s weird…it’s a “head thing”. I just can’t stand to see the uneaten portion. It looks disgusting. Got to be bite sized!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I lubs me some beans, red beans is Monday, white beans is Wednesday, Friday is seafood. I use Snowdrift Lard. But its added at the end.

    Here on the river the folks all do a parboil of the beans for 15 mins with a Tablespoon of baking soda. Then rinse and rinse well and then start cooking your white beans. That will remove all the “bean skins”.

    I guess its the only place besides ettouffee, that they use the white end of the green onions here.

    Its all a locality thing. I never had beans and rice that weren’t my favorites.

    BTW I always heard two different ways to remove the Flatulence. 1. Is to add to coco~cola, the other is to cook ’em the day before and reheat them. Personally that is like drinking beer and not expecting to pee. Whats the point of beans without that special, “aire of distinction”?

    Mmmmmm………… Oysters…… I don’t get ’em fried too much, they don’t last that long. A cold case of beer, a full sack of salty oysters, how can you expect anyone to wait.

  13. Not going to clear 40 degrees here by noon, the humanity. I sure wish the happy folks in the south would send me a natural gas gift card from FEMA.
    Neighbors heat their house with wood so we get to smell the stench of elm and box elder burning all winter which ain’t for a couple months yet.

    Bright side? Red beans on stove zip for wind so be out later chasing fishies.

    Foamheart, more fiber not less in diet. What are you thinking? Rice bran for everybody.

  14. It was an Omen! This morning before church I went to the grocery store. They were putting OYSTERS out in the seafood case! I’ll give y’all 3 guesses (and the 1st 2 don’t count) what we had for supper tonight!

  15. My wife asked why you messed up the beans by putting onions in them … she doesn’t like the taste of them in the beans. I’ve never tried it. So I will have to do it at least once to see what I think. I just love white beans!

    • Great Northern, Navy, Kidney, Lima (butter), Pinto, everything gets some onions (green tops, white bottoms, Vidallia, Aggie 1014, chopped, minced, cruched, pressed). Some get a little bell pepper, or celery, garlic, or tomatoes, mix and match, or none of the above. Add some sausage, Andouille, tasso, chicken, pork, seafood, you can’t make a bad pot of beans. If they burn, there is no way to save ’em. Its like a roux, burnt beans taste bad.

      My sister can, but she burns water. If it doesn’t come out a take out window, she does not recognize it as food.

      Beansssssss…….. Toot~Toot! Toot~Toot!

  16. This post leaves me starving….and I tried going to the store this afternoon.
    Actually I made it Albertsons but got totally drenched by heavy rain.

    Even you food photos are artful!

    Hope this tropical rain storm stops in southwest Louisiana! But at least it is not a hurricane.

  17. I just found your website, and I think it is great. I will be having shrimp boulettes with white beans and rice tomorrow. BYW, it seems like pork fat in all its forms is getting a bum rap, healthwise. I wonder how much of that stuff your 93 year old MIL has eaten in her Cajun lifetime?

    • Hi Roy, and welcome to this bayou site!! Oh Lord, she has eaten a ton!!!! She’s now 95 and just had her gall bladder removed last week . . . guess it finally caught up with her. They don’t make parts like they used to . . . many folks nowadays get theirs removed much sooner! Right? Good luck with the cooking and I hope it goes well. Where are you from?

  18. I’m Louisiana born & bred, but living in Colorado. I discovered this website several years ago and I love it! This recipe is now my go-to. I’ve been using this method for all beans I cook. Thank you so much; these beans are the best! I like to serve them with fried catfish, shrimp & oysters (when I can get them). What I wouldn’t give for some ripe Creole tomatoes to serve on the side!

  19. Here’s one for you…I recently was visiting a towboat in Houma and the captain made a pot of white beans and corned beef. He called it a french name that I can’t recall. Have you ever encountered this dish? Any thoughts on recipe? Please email me if you do….the dish was very distinctive and a new way (for me) to prepare my beloved white beans. I hope you can help.

    • Robert, you and I might have to move this conversation to email because I have a feeling it might become quite involved! Because I’m curious about the towboat you visited and in what capacity and the name of the captain because I might know him, having two sons of my own that work in the industry for a Houma company! I’m going to find out this information for you and email you shortly . . . thanks for writing, Robert! BW

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