Let's put out some alligator lines! — 7 Comments

  1. Will you be having “Fried Gator” for supper soon? I haven’t had any since our friends closed down their alligator farm. I could order some at a restaurant, but it’s not the same as cooking it yourself.

  2. question…i see on swamp people that they set cane poles in the marsh at times, unattached to any structure. how does the alligator stay on a line attached to a stick that’s just stuck in the mud?

    • Hi Robyn and welcome to this bayou blog. Very observant question, and it amazed me too the first time I went gator hunting and saw how a little bamboo pole and clothes line could hold the gator. But remember, the gator has a big stainless hook down in his gullet or belly and can only go as far as that line will let him, and then that hook starts to hurt, so he’s not really likely to pull that bamboo pole out, AND they are set deep in the mud AND on an angle, if you notice. Still, it’s pretty amazing, isn’t?

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