Little porch critter

We call them rain frogs.  What do you call them?

Once the summer rains start, these little frogs began singing their summer song.

They say “c’est chaud” over and over.

Does anyone know what that means?

(This is my sneaky attempt to get some of our Cajun-speaking readers to come forth!)

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  1. BW here – yes, DS, you had it right, but I am deleting your comment in hopes of drawing out our Cajun-speaking friends. Hellooooo?? Roxie? Carl? Rocky????? Others??????

  2. I just love frogs and all their songs. I used to live in Florida. I loved all the frog songs.

    Hi Sheryl, and welcome to the Bayou. How did you find us? Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Sometimes at night here, the air is just FULL of their summer symphony. It’s a pretty amazing sound, with all the different frogs chiming in.

  3. OH!! tree frogs are SO much fun!!! We get them before rain also and I LOVE to hear the singing. That reminds me of a Lispy post dealing with a tree frog – happened a couple weeks ago just before a storm…. I will have to write this one in a couple days! How are things going? did you get my last email?

    Busy working on the cypress house still! The last email was June 27th. If there is a newer one, I did not receive it!

  4. We often find them suctioned to our glass sliding doors. Drives our house cat batty. She pats them and jumps at them. Fun for her and no harm to the little froggies.
    Their little suction feet are the cutest.

    I often find them suctioned to my face, because they wait and jump on me when I walk out the door!

  5. It means “It’s hot!”

    Welcome to the blog, Kendra. First time here? What brings you here? And you are absolutely correct! Are you Cajun, by chance? And do you speak the language? I know, lots of questions, but please come back and answer because inquiring minds must know!

  6. No, this isn’t my first time here. I like to read blogs, and am always on the lookout for blogs in Louisiana. I don’t remember how I came across your blog the first time. But today I saw a link to your blog at “The Milkman’s Wife” and remembered about you. Yes, I guess you could say that I am cajun, my maiden name is Breaux. But I don’t speak the language, only a few phrases. My grand parents on both sides could speak French, but my parents don’t. Some of my great-grandparents only spoke French. I live in Southwest Louisiana. I saw your post about canning figs. My mother was canning figs a couple of days ago, and I asked her if she was going to do the strawberry ones. She wasn’t, she was only canning whole figs. I think she got 17 quarts canned. I’ll be back often to read your blog.

    Wonderful! I love reading where others come from and what you’re up to! I have about 3 gallons of figs to deal with. I ran out of jars, so I had to freeze them until I can get to town and get more! A friend brought by a dozen of the small ones today! Great surprise gift!

  7. “C’est Chaud” means “it’s hot,” doesn’t it? Relying on my 40+ years ago French class for this one…

    Give Granny Sue an A+ in Cajun French! Yep, it sure does. All together now, let’s chant like frogs, “c’est chaud, c’est chaud, c’est chaud”!! Because, baby it is hot outside in bayou country! Great hearing from you, Sue!

  8. Hi, Just love your web-site. I’m cajun, born in Plaquemine, raised in Norco, now residing in Lafayette. My maiden name is “Fryoux”, pronounced “Free-you”. I love tree frogs. My daughter used to hold them by the “handfulls” when she was a toddler. Sorry, I don’t speak French. My mother was raised speaking French, but when she went to school, was forced to stop. What a shame.

    1. Hey Susie! I recognize that email address, I do believe!! I’m so sorry you and hubby had to cancel. I was really looking forward to meeting y’all. I’m off right now to PayPal to see what I can do about this situation!!! Welcome to the blog, and I’m so glad you left a comment. Come back often, there’s plenty to see here!