Loose Strings and Fried Trout — 42 Comments

  1. Just a word from one who is not in love with mustard…
    Coating the fish in it doesn’t render them “mustard flavored”! It just gives them a very slight tang and a great flavor! These fish were cooked for my “late 20’s” birthday dinner on Sunday, and they were delicious!

  2. Besides clean newspaper, a clean brown paper grocery bag can be used to drain the fish on – in case you don’t have a newspaper in this usually-all-bad news days!!

  3. Mmmmmmmmmmmm! Fried fish and white beans! That old lady also knows that putting the lid on reduces the grease spatter.

  4. High on muscle relaxant but this mustard on the fish thing is puzzling.
    I know it works but…. Andy’s works too straight up.

    Wolfing down DCCDC’s. Happy Birthday.

    I need a nap.

  5. My dad used to put mustard only on saltwater species. Freshwater fish were “naked”. I use Zatarains, La. Fish Fry or Chef KD’s (Kevin Diez) products. KD’s product is fairly new and is mostly a local product right now. I’ve learned from watching KD’s fishing show (it has a cooking segment) how to keep the “batter” on the fish. The fish stay crisp too. His tip is to put your filets in ICE WATER, give them a squeeze, put them in the fish fry product and into the hot oil (350). When they are browned and float, they’re done. Oh yeah, never coat them ahead of time either.
    I do this method now with all the products I mentioned.

  6. Yum, Looking forward to learning more about how you do that trout thing my fishing guru friend, but looking forward more to seeing some new sticks and steel take shape.

  7. I’ve used the yellow mustard forever and love it. My favorite thing to do after frying is to cut thick slices of onion and lay the fried fish on lop of them with absorbent paper beneath. Then you can eat the onion rings with the fried fish. The onion is warmed but crisp and isn’t greasy at ALL while the fish stays crispy. Yummy good.

  8. I just returned from a big dinner with a customer – there was NO WAY i could actually get hungry after that dinner. Then I read your post – I am close to drooling! The simple pleasures in life really do tie together the “loose ends”

    Thanks for the post, BW


  9. BW, that looks so good. There is only one other person I know of that cooks filets like that and boy, I wish she and her husband (my husbands cousin), still lived nearby!

    I sometimes use the mustard marinade on pork chops or pork tenderloin also.

  10. This is the conversation at our house last night as I was reading this post on my smartphone:
    Me: Wow, mustard to coat fish with, who knew.
    Mr Coach: That sounds really good, why don’t we have that tomorrow night.
    Me: Am I supposed to fry golf balls in mustard? Because that’s all I’ve got since you spent so much time on the course and not any time on the lake this summer.
    Mr Coach: You look nice today.

    So, either we are coming to your house for dinner tonight or I will be attempting to fry golf balls. OR we will be eating leftovers. Probably that one.

    • Take a minute to smell the fillets to make sure there is no fish smell. One frozen pack I opened looked kind of “leathery” and had a strong odor. They went back in the bayou to feed the crabs.

      Sad news. Felix needs another larva exorcism. HELP!

  11. OK Mr Safety Pants here…. Do not put a glass lid on your deep fat fryer while in use… Read the instructions… I got pecans… I miss kumquats and satsumas though….

  12. Just wanted to report…I opened up my Community Coffee I won. It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!
    I don’t know how it’s possible, but I do believe it tasted better than the same thing I buy! LOL! Thanks again Blair and BW!

  13. I enjoy checking your site outThe speckled trout usually show up in my area Cape May County, NJ at this time of the year as the water temperature drops into the high 50s. The first one has not been caught yet. Some years we catch hundreds of specs others only a dozen or so.The season was short last year only 4 weeks from the first and last fish caught. To catch a spec in this area you need the patience of a big game hunter. .

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