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The weather has been so unpredictable that I haven’t been able to do tours or fishing trips.  Wind and rain.  More rain and more wind.  No great new photos to share with you.  No anecdotal stories, either. The radio show still happens once a month, and I’m still gathering sponsors for the show.  I’ve still got my part-time job, which takes more time than imagined.

There are a couple things coming up on the menu that I will be cooking to share with you.  One is a dish for which I have to wait for Termite to be here.  He’s currently out on the tug working, but I will cook it and post once he gets home in a week or so. Oh, what is it?  Duck gumbo using ducks he hunted.

The other is a recipe that calls for leftover crawfish tails. Even though I could buy a package of frozen tails, it defeats the purpose of using the leftover crawfish that we boiled here at home.  That particular recipe won’t happen until more crawfish are harvested and the price goes down. Besides, fresh leftovers are better, right?

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on bigger ways to promote Bayou Woman Adventures, and I came across a Louisiana promotional site and an informative, interesting, and entertaining set of videos, called the Culinary Trail of Louisiana, each episode focusing on a different section of our versatile state.

The videos are just a little over three minutes, and I’m sharing some of them with you here instead of just sending you to the link.  I like having this information here and think the videos will enlighten you about the different cultures in our state and how they relate to the food and vice versa. 

Of course, I’m showing them to you out of order, because I thought you would like to see the “Bayou Country” episode first.  Enjoy!

[weaver_youtube xw-5PAn6H9E rel=0]

  • So, watch the video and tell me:
  • Have you ever watched John Besh cooking on Food Network?
  • Did you see a dish you’ve never seen before?
  • Did you see something you’ve always wanted to try but just never have?
  • Did you learn something new about food and culture in Bayou Country?

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

BW  (I’ve already had enough winter.  Truly.  I am not a winter person.)

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    1. It was a hiccup on my part, Cammy. I hope you were able to come back and watch the video. Again, sorry for the inconvenience!

      1. It works great now. I don’t think I would ever try raw tuna. I don’t even like cooked tuna any more. Ate too much over the years and burned out on it. The other dishes looked fabulous! Shrimp, crab, alligator, etc. I’ll try any of those if cooked. I am looking forward to crawfish season too. It has been too many months since I had it.

        I had tomorrow nights meal planned before I watched the above. Broiled salmon filet w/lemon, dill and butter along with a bit of Cajun flavored seasonings. Fresh green beans w/bacon and a pinch of red pepper flakes & onion and a northern dish called Salty Potatoes w/a side of melted butter.

  1. Wow is Besh gaining weight or what? He better be careful or he’ll be sitting next to K-Paul. Yes I have watched Chef Besh.

    Very pretty plating. Presentation, presentation, presentation. I don’t think I ever saw raw tuna, no matter how prepared, in a cajun resturant. Seriously?

    I have always said if you really want to gauge a cajun chef, get his fried seafood platter. Fried seafood when done properly takes a real professional. And I don’t necessarily mean a chef.

    They did although make me think of a few dishes and one experiment I have planned. That one shot was so close to being a shrimp eggplant napolean. Oh my. Please forgive my spelling, or actually lack of.

    The garlic butter crab claws, that and some of the old Popeyes biscuits from Copelands, Again my mouth waters.

    I, like you, am waiting for after Easter to start in on the crawfish, thats when they really get reasonable.
    Thinking about a special crawfish boudin, I know its been done, but….. not like I am thinking. Or maybe some crawfish tamales /w a tasso cream sauce.

    But the best thing I saw here was not on the bayou video, it was that you are making for everyone duck gumbo….. I do soooooo love duck.

    I really like the Tabasco w/ garlic, but I am not too too much on the other added tastes. Oh and I almost forgot, those oysters on the 1/2 shell looked so good…. I could eat two dozen right now, with or without beer!

  2. BTW I can copy and paste either. But thats not new here. Had that trouble here before. Its got to be a word setting.

  3. Ok, one more and i’ll quit, anyone else read anything about the new history channel show “Mississippi River men”? I think thats what it was called. After the Gator Guys, then the Duck Dudes, they are just loading up the Louisiana shows.

  4. Part time work often isn’t! And it doesn’t look like the weather is going to get better soon. Beautiful 70 in North Texas yesterday but as you said the wind was howling!
    Leftover crawfish tails? Never seen that happen around this house. 😉
    Ya’ll have a great week! Brian

  5. Just a note to ye all – the site is locked from right clicking or copying text for content protection. That way if someone wants to share the beauty & wisdom shared here, they need to link here – and meet all ye wonderful folks, too!

    1. Is that why I can’t click and scroll to the top and bottom of the page with my mouse? The “scroll to top” button at the bottom of the page is fine, but it takes you all the way up, and I can’t re-read comments, etc. Just wondering.

      1. Nope…has no affect on scrolling with the bar or mouse wheel. Alternativele, ye can always use the buttons on the keyboard – page up/down or the cursor/arrow keys.

  6. I put leftover crawfish tails in the recipe Termite shared, I was out of chicken. I try to keep a couple back when I buy them to use to make broth or for extra flavor in recipes. I just throw them in a freezer bag and pull out what I need. I also enjoy leaving them in the freezer next to the ice just to freak out Bryces girlfriend. It’s the small things in life…

  7. Just visited Louisiana for the first time this past weekend. Visited one of our children that started school in New Orleans, while that was nice, I can’t wait for future trips NOT in NOLA, but in your neck of the woods. And that video has me ready to go again 🙂 Grilled Alligator is what I want, but those crab fingers look wonderful too. Two things I had hoped to do but missed out on: Zydeco dance hall and a place to buy alligator and boudin to bring home. Next trip for sure!

    1. Welcome to the bayou, Lailani. So glad you found us here. I haven’t yet been to all these places to eat, but I hope to try one or two of them in the near future. I love that new chefs are taking old classics and putting a new spin on them. Our seafood is fresh like nothing you can get anywhere else! I have upcoming videos that will show you EXACTLY where you can get the things you are desiring! Come back any time! BW

  8. I’d have a hard time picking between those oysters and that flounder, so I’ll just have both! Oh, my. Such good-looking food. My favorite seafood purveyor, down at the Texas City Dike, has fresh Gulf shrimp this week for $5/pound. I don’t know how that price would compare over there, but for Gulf-to-table here, it’s good. I believe I might have to get me some.

    1. Things have slowed down here as far as inland shrimp, but I think that’s a fair price for Gulf shrimp!!! Go get you some!

  9. The visuals in that clip were lovely but I’m afraid the voice recognition captions leave a bit to be desired.

    As Foamheart said, the plating was beautiful. The fried flounder made me think of my late cousin; it was one of her favorite meals. That bacon Bloody Mary caught my eye. Kinda of like a liquid BLT? lol

    Where would we be without Tabasco?

  10. I was FINALLY able to watch the video. I couldn’t open it on my phone or I Pad while we were out of town. I’m sure SOMETHING is not set up correctly. Anyway, I concur with the other post.
    I’ve never seen Swamp Pop before. Do y’all have it in your neck of the woods? I’m only familiar with listening to Swamp Pop music on the radio. Now I’m hungry. Fortunately I’ll get a seafood (gumbo) fix tonight. A Satsuma will have to do for now. YES, we STILL have some. They aren’t the best quality now, but they are still tasty.