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  1. I really did enjoy reading your article. The basket and other piece (what is that?) are very pretty. I love the natural color.

    That palmetto would grow great in my swampy back yard!

    • The other thing is a “trivet” on which to place hot pots or dishes. Yes, they would. I’m surprised you don’t already have them!

  2. Very interesting! The use of native plants in landscaping is an important in some parts of the country. It’s surprising that the palmetto isn’t used more in southern LA landscaping. The next time I visit your way I’d like to see (in museums) some more examples of the crafts made from palmettos.

    • I’m not sure of a museum where you might see these crafts. I can show you my miserable attempt at this basket, this actual basket, and the hot pad pictured above! I actually harvested the heart of palmetto, dried it, soaked it, stripped it and wove it myself, although I never honed my weaving skills to the point I could do it deftly and/or without looking!

      • Does your Mother-in-law or any of The Captian’s family weave? I think this would be a great therapy craft tool. They are just beautiful.

        • No, none of them do. Dotter and I took a class from a local Houma woman when Dotter was about 16. If I would’ve kept it up, I might be proficient by now, some 16 years later!!!!

  3. Have you added something to your site? I am getting pop-ups on the top and across the bottom of my screen every time I open the page. I tried closing them and it won’t work.

    • Hm. The only thing different is a bright green bar at the top to sign up for email notifications for new folks. I will have to check into this and thanks for letting me know!

      • Cammy, the bar at the top is not a pop up. I put it there for new followers. There are some social media buttons that show up either on the side or at the bottom depending on what type of monitor settings you have, but neither of these things should interrupt your viewing experience! If you are getting some other type of “pop ups” I need to know what they are because we see absolutely nothing out of the ordinary on this end.

        • I am getting the bright green bar and I can close it but, it comes back up after a couple if minutes. The 5 media buttons are on the bottom and are fairly large on my screen (about an inch tall. Is there a way to make them smaller?

          • Cammy, this has to do with your Display Settings on your screen. You may have it set at 800 x 600 and most sites these days are designed for viewing on computer screen AND smart phones, and the best resolution for viewing on your computer is at least 1280 wide. The media buttons are sized “medium” right now, and if I make them smaller, they will be too tiny on most screens. Sorry for the inconvenience, but maybe try changing your screen resolution??? The green bar will stay there, as it has a feature for folks who view on smart phones and can click it to share my site via text, and it’s already producing new followers. So, again, I’m sorry you’re having troubles. I hope you don’t leave me because of it!!!

  4. I hope Palmetto Bug comes by to read this. In her part of South Carolina, this sort of basket-weaving is common, and a traditional craft. I’m not sure if they use palmetto or other kinds of sea grasses. I’ll have to check it out.

    We have a Palmetto State Park here in Texas. It’s a fantastic place, filled with a great mix of natives in addition to the palmettos. A little farther down the coast, they seem to have been adopted for landscaping more than they have been here. They are beautiful. They always make me think of Cleopatra, being fanned by her servants way, WAY back in the day!

    Great article! Thanks for posting it here, so we could enjoy it, too.

    • Sorry for any inconvenience these minor changes may have caused, although I can’t see why those things might be happening.

      I hope she stops by, too. haven’t heard from her in a while. They make me think of the sevants fanning the lady of the house at the dining table in some old movie, too.

  5. We were in Dallas today and passed one of the largest Goodwills I have ever seen. Had to get hubby to go back and while browsing, I found a handwoven, palmetto basket! It was exactly like the one in the photo above. I started to buy it but, unfortunately, someone had sat it in something that had stained the bottom really bad and it had began to soak thru to the inside. I don’t think it was very old because it wasn’t dried or brittle. A shame it had been stained so bad. It would have made a great sewing basket.

  6. Completely off subject. Just wanted to ask if any of your family in the Bossier/Shreveport area are affected by the Red River flooding?

    • I emailed you, Kenny! Thanks for stopping by. For others, the answer is if you are in south Louisiana, the bigger nurseries might carry them. You can find them in the wild and transplant, but I’d do some online research first to see how and the best time to do this! They don’t always “take”! Best of luck to you! BW

  7. Where can I get true Louisiana palmetto seed or starts? I don’t want to trespass and dig one up. I only find Florida version online.

    • Hi Jessi and thanks for writing. I’m so sorry that I don’t know where you might obtain them. Dupont Nursery in Plaquemine is a wholesale nursery, but they have vast knowledge of La. plants. Maybe if you email them from their website, they can point you in the right direction. If you see one in the wild, why not go ahead and dig it up??? If you know the property owner, just ask. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind. Best of luck to you! BW

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