Louisiana Migratory Birds! — 18 Comments

  1. I know y’all had a blast as you and I have had similar days of wonder. I’m hoping the birds haven’t made it quite yet, as I’ve just put my food out to welcome them north.

  2. You paint a very vivid picture of the birds. I can imagine them hiding in the trees and singing/calling to others. And the owls! I would love to have seen them. We have one that lives somewhere very near us. I hear it frequently at dusk. One early morning as my son dropped off the baby and stepped back out onto my porch, that thing let out a loud call and scared me good. It was sitting in my elm tree about 45′ from us. Huge too. That was about 8-9 yrs ago and it is still around.
    I am looking forward to the rest of the story.

  3. I think that orange colored float (cork) in the “Line Art” photo belongs to me. I’ve also contributed more of my art form though in making “(tree) limb art”. LOL
    Looking forward to seeing more photos of y’alls adventure. I know you’ve got more !

  4. Oh I guess I’ll have to send you pix of my fave line art spot.

    Be’s investigating honey and agave as sweeteners. I don’t really sweeten that much but thinking agave or honey kettle corn is possible.

    Fishing up here is nuts. The crappie are hitting bare jigheads.

    Secret blog guest I smell a contest. hmmmmmm.

    Well working a lot of OT to save up for my satsuma ranch.

    Oh yeah got me some fig preserves…

  5. Not snoring! I enjoy the photos, etc. about Birding. I must admit, I’m ignorant about most of the species you mentioned. I’ll have you know, I’ve got Red Winged Blackbirds, Doves (2 species) Cardinals, Sparrows, Mockingbirds, Blackbirds, and Finches that feed here daily. I also feed the squirrels peanuts. I don’t have as many Red Winged Blackbirds as last year. AND, I haven’t noticed the first Hummingbird at my feeders this year.
    I STILL want to know if the Trout have made it to the beaches of G.I.

    • Nobody is posting fishing reports down that way???? If I were you, I’d check the BCKFC kayak fishing forums. They are local, and many of them kayak/wade fish the GI area. There should be some insight there. Also, what about the La. Sportsman fishing forum for that area? I can’t give you a shore fishing report for GI, as I did not fish. Actually, didn’t see anyone fishing, it was too cold.

  6. We do appreciate your dedication! The pics are wonderful (as always) and I sure do covet that old faded decoy. Take a pic of your collection sometime!

  7. Tomorrow night I’ll post a pix of line art on web somewhere.
    Feel free to drag n drop it.

    Back in the olden days I used to collect up lost decoys and get a buck a piece for them. I remember at least two heavy wooden ones I should have kept.
    Last one I saw loose was froze solid in backwater.

    Speaking of birds, I got a robin that has outlived its useful life.
    Everything under the overhang is decorated in a way that would make pelicans blush.

  8. Every year the swamp canaries come to our house on the river in George County Mississippi – the Pascagoula River and have their offspring in a bird house hanging from our carport.

    • Well, that’s quite a treat! I love to hear their song. Some of them stay here year round in the swamp, and I can catch a glimpse of them on my tours as they flit among the cypress trees! They are such a brilliant yellow color, too.

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