Louisiana citrus . . . self-serve

From the archives:  Originally posted January 30, 2008.  Edited today.


As you travel the bayou this time of year, orange trees laden with ripe fruit are a common sight in many yards.  I don’t see how so many of the fruit trees survived the saltwater intrusion from Hurricane Ike flood waters.  But somehow, many trees did survive.

The other variety hanging on trees right now are Louisiana Navels.  If you don’t have a neighbor willing to share, you can stop at the local stand to buy them . . .


At least, you could last year.  However, this orchard was affected by the flood and had a much smaller harvest this year.  Regardless, how about a closeup of that sign? I knew some of you were curious to see how bayou people do business.  We’ve bought satsumas from this stand for 11 years, and not once have we seen it attended by a human.


Wow!  This is a full-blown citrus grove! They even have grapefruits and lemons.  How cool is that?  Where else can you get fresh-picked citrus this cheap?  2 bags for $5?

NOTE:  “Please put money in box below.  And please don’t steal the box!!!!”

And while we’re enjoying orange things, how about this little gem?

Orange spider

Do we have any spider experts out there?  I’m not sure what this is, are you?

Anxiously working on the finishing of Camp Dularge . . . .


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  1. That you’ve never seen a “tender” at that stand is amazing. Eleven years?? More startling is the trust those folks have.

  2. Rural life does have amazing perks!

    2 bags for $5.00! Wow you can’t even get one bag of hot-house oranges from Wal-Mart here for under $6.00!

  3. I tried to find your spider so I could look smart, but looking at all those pictures was freaking me out! I hate spiders! And it’s nice to know citrus grows on “threes”… I sure wish that little stand was open. I can’t bring myself to pay $6+ for a bag of oranges at Wal-Mart! 🙁

  4. Go Git-ter Mom! I got “tree” growed kids and I wouldn’t let them git away with being sassy to me, either. Dotter, be good to your mom. She’s under a lot of stress right now fixin up Camp Dularge.

    Back to Citrus…
    I actually had a hard time giving all my Satsumas away this year. 2008 was great for fig and Satsuma yields. Unfortunately, Gustav took out my big fig tree and the top of the Satsuma. I now have a Satsuma BUSH.

  5. I knew I should of beat feet down there this weekend. I want a satsuma farm.
    I love those things. I even know that the $2 ones got seeds and the $3 ones don’t. Got get my kumquat connection to send me a fix of Loozy.

    It was an eleven day here 11 inch sacaulait thru 11 inches of ice and 11 degrees. More snow right now too.

    Once I master mustard greens I’ll work on my cajun spelling and language skills some more.

  6. My Grandfather lived down there for years & believed it was God’s Paradise. The hunting/fishing/growing fruit & veggies & the ppl. In his later years he moved up here close to Shreveport and grew grapefruit/lemons/ornages in his hothouse..we thought he was magical, after your post, I understand him a bit more…Lost him when I was 13…we wont say how long ago that was, Wow, I cant imagine that the stand would still be there if left unattened around here..moreless the honor box….Wow, having fresh picked fruit/veggies…thats priceless. thanks for sharing BW
    Deb….with warm fuzzies of Pappy Gable

  7. I’m with RenRed on the Raid! *shudder*

    Not trying to be sassy, just picking on my lovely Mommer! She can take it! After all, I inherited my editor gene from her. Spelling it right in “tree” other places was hilarious… good one! 🙂

  8. The first time I saw a stand like that was near Elizabeth City North Carolina.There were all kinds of fruits and vegetables and an open money box with money in it.We bought some fruit and left the money in the box.I told my wife that this wouldn’t happen in Houston TX.

    1. Welcome to the Bayou, Frank! I’m not sure this would even work in the nearest “city” to here, either. I guess they figure if your drove all the way down the bayou to buy fresh citrus, you’d be glad to pay for it!!!