LOWA Youth Journalism Contests – Essay and Photo — 5 Comments

  1. I just realized I don’t know a single kid in Louisiana. That’s a little weird. Ah, well – someone among your readers has the winner, I’m sure of that!

    • I certainly hope so, as this is a fantastic contest and our banquet is very family oriented. Actually, Termite placed 2nd in essay at age 9, and the conference was in Houma, so he and I were guests at the banquet, and that was my first introduction to the LOWA organization. I was very impressed with the entire evening, and the camaraderie of the journalists. Once the head of the YJC realized I had a children’s picture book about wetland loss, I was soon approached about membership. The blog didn’t exist quite yet. Shortly after, I wrote my first piece of The Louisiana Sportsman print magazine, full feature, with maps and photo titled, “Cajun Sleigh Ride” about red drum fishing from kayaks down at Grand Isle!! What great memories that brings back. Thus started my official outdoor journalism career!

  2. I’ll pass this along. However, you’ll have to sweeten the pot when my grandchildren win. They already have an autographed copy of your book. Let me think…I know, they all drink coffee milk. You know the brand! They were all taught to share, so you better make it the 2 lb. bag . LOL!

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