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Okay, all you parents and grandparents of kids who like to hunt and fish and do other outdoor recreational activities.  It’s time to pull out the keyboard for a little summer-time brush up on the old English and grammar skills or lend them your camera and see if you have a shutterbug in the family!

As a member of the Louisiana Outdoor Writer’s Association, it brings me great pleasure to bring these contests to you.  The Youth Journalism Contest (YJC) has been going on for many years, and it is a fantastic opportunity for young writers and photographers.  the winners get wide-spread publicity via print and Internet.

There are two different categories:   Writing and Photography

There are two age categories:   Junior (ages 7-13)               Senior (ages 14-18)

If you have a child or grandchild who enjoys the outdoors and has a little gift for writing and/or photography, please encourage them to enter.  Generous cash prizes are awarded for first through third place in each category and age group.  The contest is designed to recognize young talent and the prizes encourage careers in outdoor journalism.  Each child can enter writing AND photography, if they so desire.  All the official entry requirements are below.

It sure would mean a lot to me if some relative of one the readers here would enter and win, and then come to our annual LOWA Banquet in Lafayette in August where we could share a meal and get to meet each other.  LOWA pays for the banquet for the winner and two guests (usually parents).  We have a GREAT time at our banquet.  All LOWA members are professional outdoor journalists of some type–radio, TV, newspaper, magazine, or Internet, and this is when we receive recognition and awards for anything we’ve done in the past year that was noteworthy.

So, let me sweeten the pot just a little bit more:  If  the relative of a reader who follows this blog regularly places first through third in either the Essay or Photography Contest, I will give that child a personalized, signed copy of the limited edition of my book, “Before the Saltwater Came”.

HURRY, because the deadline for us to receive entries by mail is July 12th.

2013 LOWA Youth Journalism Contest
Young writers and photographers have until 5 p.m. July 12 to submit entries for the Louisiana Outdoor Writers’ Association’s annual Youth Journalism Contest.  Must be fulltime Louisiana residents to enter.
There are two writing divisions:
Junior Essay is open to boys and girls ages 7-13
Senior Essay is for writers ages 14-18.
Essays must be an original, unpublished writing about a personal experience while hunting, fishing, boating, camping, hiking or other related outdoor activity
Essays must be 300-1,000 words long
Essays must be typed, preferably with double-spaced lines.
The Photography Division includes boys and girls ages 7-18.
Photos must be an original, unpublished black-and-white or color photo
Submitted photos must be sized 4×6 inches, 5×7 inches or 8×10 inches
Submitted photos must be center-mounted on an 8×10 inches board.
Each entry must have name, age, school, home address and home telephone number attached at the top of the essay or photo.
The top three and honorable mentions in each category receive cash prizes.
The contest is sponsored by the Louisiana Chapter of Safari Club International with support from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and The Advocate.
Send all contest entries to:
Joe Macaluso
Advocate Outdoors
Attn:  LOWA
P.O. Box 588
Baton Rouge, LA 70821
Winners will be honored at the LOWA’s annual convention banquet, Saturday, Aug. 10, in Lafayette. For information, email: outdoors@theadvocate.com
Okay, call the kids, grandkids, neighborhood kids and let’s get with it!!!!  Time’s awastin’!!!!!
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  1. I just realized I don’t know a single kid in Louisiana. That’s a little weird. Ah, well – someone among your readers has the winner, I’m sure of that!

    1. I certainly hope so, as this is a fantastic contest and our banquet is very family oriented. Actually, Termite placed 2nd in essay at age 9, and the conference was in Houma, so he and I were guests at the banquet, and that was my first introduction to the LOWA organization. I was very impressed with the entire evening, and the camaraderie of the journalists. Once the head of the YJC realized I had a children’s picture book about wetland loss, I was soon approached about membership. The blog didn’t exist quite yet. Shortly after, I wrote my first piece of The Louisiana Sportsman print magazine, full feature, with maps and photo titled, “Cajun Sleigh Ride” about red drum fishing from kayaks down at Grand Isle!! What great memories that brings back. Thus started my official outdoor journalism career!

  2. I’ll pass this along. However, you’ll have to sweeten the pot when my grandchildren win. They already have an autographed copy of your book. Let me think…I know, they all drink coffee milk. You know the brand! They were all taught to share, so you better make it the 2 lb. bag . LOL!